22 January 2020

Why Our Hearts Beat ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 15 January 2020

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

There are horizontal energy lines (ley lines/grid lines) all over the Earth. Expert dousers have proven and reconfirmed this fact. These energy lines link together our entire Earth like a huge matrix . . . like a huge circulatory system to keep the Earth alive, in harmony and in balance. But where does this energy come from? What makes the Earth’s heart beat? What makes our human heart beat?

There are also vertical energy ley lines that exchange mass amounts of energy from the stars and our solar system with the Earth. This incoming, starry energy flows down and anchors into the Earth’s horizontal energy lines that are in all the known and undiscovered sacred sites of the world. This energy also flows into our hearts. When we go back to the stars, our human heart stops beating. Ancient Temples flow out cosmic energy during the day when humanity is awake and creating. Ancient temples recharge by drawing in new energy from the stars at night while humanity sleeps.

Maya temple sites are multi-layered matrixes of star maps which the ancient Maya built on Earth. Huge constellation configurations can encompass hundreds of miles of Earth and link many temple sites together. Each site can represent a singular constellation as well. Many sacred sites are lost to us, or yet to be discovered, so there are maybe thousands of other star maps to be discovered.

The ancient Maya (the Star Elders) are expert star watchers. Before they arrived on Earth and took on human form, they were called star walkers. They know the universe very well and also know where the energies are that reflect ascending, positive evolution. Simply, they anchored the stars to the Earth, and the Earth back to the stars. They created a cosmic network in which to give and receive energy in any way their consciousness could imagine. And they have a very creative imagination! This could mean receiving healing, wisdom and knowledge, codes to immortality, being multi-dimensional and all the while still maintaining their ability to star travel. Palenque is a site anchoring the Pleiades. We can feel the high frequency of the Pleiades and all that it entails in this site. I know the Star Elders have a big plan for this temple city. They have anchored this energy on Earth to help humanity evolve. And it is why I feel called to go back over and over again.

Humanity can either reduce the flow in these starry and Earthly energy lines, or they can increase them. When the flow is reduced by fear, anger, violence, separation etc..., humanity can struggle even more in a downward spiral, and create unconsciously. When the energy flow is increased with love, respect and unity, humanity thrives even more and operates more consciously through cosmic truth, unconditional love and impeccability.

Simply put, when we pilgrimage in a sacred way to these sacred sites, we intend to increase the flow on Earth and the heavens, but also within us. Humans are a sacred site too! In groups, this human activity is greatly increased. As Jeshua shared, when two our more are gathered (in Gods truth), I AM there. The I AM being, The God presence in all life.

Even here in the southwest, there is a huge area anchored to Orion. And Sedona is connected to a one of a kind, raven grid with a chakra system. I feel grateful that I live in the raven grid at the heart center. We live where the two pink stars are. This is a Vortex / Ley Line map of Sedona by Nicholas Mann.

I have traveled to Palenque so many times that I have lost count. Because I have been there so many times, I know it very well. It is one of my very best, Earth energy barometers. I always want to return to see what has changed. And now the call is so strong that I almost feel like I am already there. I know that in 2020 the energy has been increased between Earth and sky . . . thus all sacred sites have been greatly elevated. As intuitive Lee Harris puts it, “2020 will bring blinding clarity”. I take this to mean that the hidden wisdom anchored in Earth and sky will be more available to us. This will bring a higher matrix of experience to us. But also the hidden light within us will be more accessible as we will no longer be able to hold onto illusions anymore. It reminds me of a Bible reference, and I paraphrase here . . . In a twinkling of an eye, we will be changed. We will be risen up and become incorruptible.

We are going back to my heaven on Earth, Palenque (Pleiades on Earth), Yaxchillan (Earth and cosmos) and Bonampak (a school for living masters) this March for the first Equinox in 2020.

We still have space if you want to join us. ... And here is a link to find out more. https://www.alunajoy.com/mayatour3-2020.html

Earth is ascending right under our feet. Many of us have come to Earth at this time to be a part of this divine, global awaking. We made a commitment to ascension before we took on this human form. We are hard wired for change deep in our souls, and we gravitate to higher frequencies. We are the ones who came here just for this time. It is why we don't fit in the usual circles. We tend to have unusual perspectives on what has happened, what is happening now, and what we foresee that we will experience in the future. And.... the beauty of groups.... has always been that we find our soul family in each other, and we trigger each other's ancient memories.

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