26 January 2020

Worthiness of Unconditional Love ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

The love we have for you cannot be extinguished by any action you could ever take, by any thought you could ever think, by any belief you could hold against yourself or another. The love we have for you is as present now as it can ever be, and the realization of being loved, allowing yourself to be loved, will be this teaching for each of you who has come to learn what you are.

The aspect of you who knows who he is, the Divine as what you are, knows full well his relationship to Source. The eternity in you is in response to all eternity, and the love in you knows herself in love and not separate from love itself. But the aspects of you who exist in dense frequency and align to things that agree to separation struggle sometimes with the possibility that you can be loved, or know yourself in love, or be with yourself in such a way that you may equate as loving.

Being in love, as we have said prior, is being in the frequency, in the vibratory agreement with the octave of love, which is an eternal frequency that is always present. But the aspects of you that reject the self, would harm the self, refuse the self his worth, will shun the light that comes to him, will hide from the light that would call him out because of his belief, her belief, that she cannot be seen, cannot be known, cannot be agreed to as one who may know love.

This is not a remedial teaching in the least. This is the cause of most of your pain, and the misalignment you hold, each human being, to what you are as one who is not only worthy but already is loved is what must be reckoned with tonight. The teaching we bring to you is also for the man before you in request to his petitions for his own well being, and as we teach him we teach each of you who is in reckoning with the self that would deny his own ability, her own worthiness of love.

Paul Selig - The Purpose of Being (part III)
A Channeled livestream lecture - February 23, 2017


“On this night I claim that each one present may know himself, may know herself, as what she is and may abide in a higher agreement of frequency in knowing she is loved, in knowing he is loved. And in the alignment of love, the aspects of the self that have been scattered, torn away, hidden in shadow, refused and unloved, will be gathered perfectly to a new light that we will claim as you. And in your agreement to these words, in this announcement of being, we reside with you as the Divine Self in love for one purpose — to know what you are.”

Say this with us, and say this as the True Self, and speak the words aloud:

“On this night I choose to be received, and each aspect of myself throughout time that has been pushed away, hidden, or rejected, may now be gathered in order to be loved. And as he is received, as she is received, in fullness, the being that I am may be known in residual knowing that there has never been a time, never a moment, never a possibility that I have not been loved. As I say these words, I surrender to the Divine that is present as now as where I am as it may ever be. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free.”

Feel this, yes, and be as you are, just as you are, as the one who may know and be and sing, “I am here.”

Paul Selig - The Purpose of Being (part III)
A Channeled live stream - February 23, 2017

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