20 February 2020

Clues to Our Evolution That We Might Be Missing ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 19 February 2020

There's that letting go advice again....and to surrender....

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Clues to our Evolution that we might be missing.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin and the Star Elders. 2-17-2020

So much inner and outer transformation is going on these days that it sounds ridiculous and ineffective to even try to define it. Roller coaster changes, re-calculations and realignments are rushing through us at an urgent pace. They are coming from so many different levels and directions that we feel spun around unable to complete a process before the next one is upon us. Our intellect, reasoning and learned wisdom simply can’t keep up. This is the beginning of the total breakdown of the collective mind/ego template and the opening to our true nature and Spirit. This time can only be navigated with our open hearts and our mindful souls. This is a time where the only thing we can do is to let go and trust Spirit over our minds, in this unknowable, but miraculous, process of physical ascension.

I think, because of the volume of shifts that are impacting us each day, that we spend a good bit of time in either overwhelm, avoidance or hunkered down to wait it out. Sure, it is good to hunker down, so we can maintain some of our 3D responsibilities and to catch our breath. But neither of these tactics are not working very well any more, and we can’t stay there very long.

The best way I can explain what we are going through is to give you a small example of my experiences . . . Yesterday, there was a heavy, depressed energy that came out of nowhere for no reason at all. I had a good cry. I felt that I processed some deep old wounds once again. But, this time I felt that I reached a higher place of understanding of the long standing issue. I felt like I had been lifted up a bit from the weight of the situation.

Then, the next day the evening came around. I processed through a short-lived wave of discontent and lack of self esteem. So I worked hard to not go into overwhelm or hunker down. I just faced it, because I know that there are clues to our evolution in the many odd things that we feel everyday.

The next morning, I was possessed by cleaning the energy in my house. I notice once in a while that we hit a high energy day where we seem to open our eyes wider, and it is obvious where all the energy is stuck in our living space. So, we both dove into cleaning like crazy people. I find it is good to touch and raise up the energy in every corner of my space. Windows are my big pet peeve. They needed cleaning as dirty windows are the worse for distorting energy and the light entering your house. So we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

So how are these simple little waves of feelings related to clues to our evolution and ascension?

When I asked about these recent feelings, I heard a very clear answer. We have had yet another growth spurt, and we are now moving forward again into the great unknown that is our future. The depression feeling is helping us let go of the past. This is a good thing. The feeling of lack happens when we unknowingly have stepped forward and are now comparing the current energy with the past energy. We are comparing where we were, to where we are now. So with the feeling of lack, we are reminded that we have risen up another step, and it is time to get our outer world to reflect this.

It is up to us to understand this new step forward and to move and act in a new and current way. It will be most important to listen to your heart, and not so much the ego- based, logical mind. I also heard that the next emotion that we might feel is some fear (I have not felt this one lately. Maybe I won’t. Fingers crossed). But this is my favorite emotion, because it truly means that we are at an open door to something brand new! Entering the unknown will almost always trigger us and our out of date programming.

We are not to take these crazy waves personally, but to navigate them with our attention. By recognizing that we are feeling depressed, having low self esteem or having fear (just to name a few emotions), we can see that these feelings as revealing sign posts. We then understand that these feelings are temporarily created to help us become aware of our ever evolving process of awakening.

So, be a fearless warrior no matter what you are feeling or going through, and go out and make your world. You got this, and we got each other. Yes? It is what you came here for.

And as synchronicity would have it, I stumbled on a a few favorite quotes today . . .

“If you turn around and face yourself in times of loss and pain, you will be given the key to a more truthful—and therefore a more joyful—life. Adversity is a natural part of being human. It is the height of arrogance to prescribe a moral code or health regime or spiritual practice as an amulet to keep things from falling apart. Things do fall apart. It is in their nature to do so. When we try to protect ourselves from the inevitability of change, we are not listening to the soul. We are listening to our fear of life and death, our lack of faith, our smaller ego’s will to prevail. To listen to the soul is to stop fighting with life—to stop fighting when things fall apart; when they don’t go our way, when we get sick, when we are betrayed or mistreated or misunderstood. To listen to the soul is to slow down, to feel deeply, to see ourselves clearly, to surrender to discomfort and uncertainty, and to wait.”
Excerpt From: Lesser, Elizabeth. “Broken Open.”

“The ego says, I shouldn’t have to suffer, and that thought makes you suffer so much more. It’s a distortion of the truth, which is always paradoxical. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcended it” Eckhart Tolle.

“True wisdom is sensing the next big step for your ego isn’t ready for and doing it anyway in the name of your highest evolution. Your ego will never be ready. You have to be wiser than the patterns within you.” - Matt Khan.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin - www.alunajoy.com - and the Star Elders.

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