24 February 2020

Energy Speeding Up Within Our Body ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 23 February 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence



Heads Up:
The incoming energy being activated within our human bodies is 24/7, but varies human to human based on accumulated frequency of each human. So I only report INCOMING MAJOR WAVE ENERGIES here on this wall when extremely significant.

As I’ve explained before, once awakened, in tandem to each’s awakening journey, human brain activity is initially ignited shortly after ‘awakening’, to then move through an ongoing sequence of electrical ignitions, pulses, light codes, within the brain that ACCUMULATE to finally bridge the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and activate the pineal and pituitary glands. It is a process of electrical impulses that fire the neutrons to then begin to open previously dormant neural pathways within the BRAIN and the BODY, a bit at a time.

Two hours ago, approx 1800 hrs GMT time, Incoming Energies presented something significantly different: The SPEED UP of the Energetic Light PATTERNS and PULSES within our body.

Bare in mind, Incoming Energies from our Sun, create different Light encoded PATTERNS and PULSES of energy, to activate sometimes the DNA itself, give electrical light coding to the cells, activate neural pathways, reignite areas of the brain and body, glands and sensitive organs such as the eyes, ears, nose, heart and mouth. As well as deliver PULSES of electricity through our chakra system. Always, the pulses deliver energy to the root chakra for delivery into Gaia, from our human body. ALL that I explain I feel physically to my body, over these past years since 2015. The energetic patterns vary, depending on the Incoming Energies purpose. I have given drawings here over the years of some of these patterns, to the brain, face, chest.

ROTATION clockwise/vertical in full brain area. 1 or 2 cycles per second. Compared to 1 cycle per 2 seconds previously.
ROTATION clockwise/horizontal in full brain area. 1 or 2 cycles per second. Compared to 1 cycle per 2 seconds previously.
INFINITY LOOP in MID brain between both ears: 2 cycles per second. Compared to 1 per 2 seconds previously.
STRAIGHT PULSE LINE, that is backwards and forwards from centre of brain to frontal lobe. 4 lines of current per second compared to 2 per second previously.
ROOT CHAKRA: pulsing through much faster.

There are more patterns of light code but these 5 PATTERN TYPES are the ones that have speeded up for us today.

Increase to HIGHER FREQUENCY information/data we receive. We will receive more information than before. Increase to our MAIN HUMAN SENSES sensitivity. Increase in telepathic communications/more clearly heard and understood.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
23 February 2020

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