15 February 2020

February Energy 2020 (and Description Box) ~ Aluna Ash ~ 15 February 2020

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The 8th moon cycle began on Feb. 7th 2020. Feb 14th-16th & Feb 19th-23rd there is an increase in cosmic energy moving through the atmosphere and received by those receptive to the frequencies. Feb 20th 2020- On Oc-Caban 8 (13 day cycle) the end of a 2 yr cycle where the Saturn Frequency has been more dominate within the collective consciousness and the beginning of the Uranus Frequency coming "online" and expressed more within the collective (this is based off a different calender-timing system & how it relates to the Planets) This is a deeper integration of the Cosmic Energy impressed upon the Collective Subjective Sphere.. bringing a stronger desire for change, liberation, expansion, equality, revolution, and release of out dated beliefs/structures/conditions that are felt as limiting the expression of our True Self.

February is the beginning of a major turning point- the beginning of significant changes that will be developing over the coming months. I was shown a metaphor: February is a time of internal organizing. Where the seeds have already been planted, and now we are organizing the tools (internally) needed to gather the harvest/manifestation.

There is a quote that is something like "who you are speaks louder then your words" and I feel that many are feeling this. It doesn't mean if someone's energy feels "negative" that they are evil, possessed, soulless, clone, demon, etc.. it just means there is some belief that they are sensitive to or have picked up on, that is creating the resonance..sometimes it's a mixture of beliefs, emotions, experiences or even due to having sympathy for others suffering or feeling collective thoughts/emotions and dwelling in that space emotionally & in thought for too long. We all are here learning to master our thoughts, emotions, will and desires to work in harmony with Universal Law. Most people are just doing the best they can- responding, reacting, percieving, thinking & feeling the only way they know how day to day.

I have noticed my dream state being extremely active over the last month- very symbolic dreams- metaphors. There is an increase of Cosmic Energy hitting the Planetary Atmosphere- plasma charging the etheric body/etheric currents/altering magnetic fields and impressing upon the subjective sphere of humanity/collective mind... The information/Cosmic Energy is then accessed by individuals through the individual subconscious & communicated to the conscious mind or expressed objectively. This causes the Universal Mind to respond to the new thought pattern within the energy field/subconscious sphere of the individual bringing/magnetizing information, messages, synchs, signs, number patterns, conversations, ideas/insights, inspiration, people, events, circumstances, behavior, sequences of events, etc... This increase in plasma/fohat/vril/universal life force/spirit/consciousness is due to the shift into a new Era- where more then just a few within humanity remember the Golden Age-New Earth-Heaven/Eden- 5D.

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