18 February 2020

Stay in Your Heart ~ Lee Harris ~ 16 February 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Conflict energy is strong on the planet right now, has been for several years. It's going around, it shows up in anxiety, fear, panic, reactivity.

So if you find yourself in conflicts at the moment, particularly in the month of February, just try and ask yourself: Is this really personal? Is this really about me, or against me? Or am I really feeling driven to have an argument with this person? Or have I just been immersed in this energy because of what I was seeing out there on the news or what this person just said to me, or the kind of tricky argument I had this morning with my sister, am I carrying it through?

Because a lot of people are unconscious of the conflict energy that they're carrying right now, so you can find yourself caught up in a "Khh!" moment with somebody that really isn't about you and that person, it's what they're carrying from what they had just walked through that morning or the day before.

So if you find yourself in one of those moments, to the best of your ability, stay in your heart, be loving and compassionate, maybe if it's a very aggressive moment you might need to draw a boundary or walk away, but when you've stepped beyond that moment, ask yourself: Was that conflict really about me and this person? Or is it the conflict energy in the wider world?

And the conflict energy in the wider world is the rising of emotion, pain, suffering, fear that is showing up in aggression, defensiveness, attack, dominance, it's very much a world theme right now, but the message I got was that many of you might find yourself in February in conflict moments that are really far bigger than they might seem in that moment. And I think this is true of conflict in general.

-From February 2020 Energy Update

Watch the February 2020 Energy Update here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/february-2020-energy-update

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