24 February 2020

Teaching Through Experience ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

Now the vehicle you are becomes a teacher, not because you wear a sign that says "teacher" around your neck, but because the holding you have in vibration is significant and may be experienced by others. Underline the word 'experienced'. You don't have to proselytize. We would require you to decide for yourself what you speak about your journey, but do understand that the light that you are, that is you and works through you, is the ambassador of this text.

"I am Word through all that I see before me" is a claim of great beauty and you are calling the vibration of the Creator in witness through all you see. When you stand on a corner and look at those walking by, know that they are meeting their true destiny. Each man's destiny is reunion with the Source of its being, no matter what she has been through or what he has known himself as.

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

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