19 February 2020

The Age of Miracles ~ Judith Kusel ~ 18 February 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

"The Age of Miracles brings new and higher ways of life and living. New science steeped in the metaphysical for it can no longer deny the soul/spirit, the Universal Laws and the Master-Creator/Mind/Being/Masterplan and will expand into the All-Knowing, be reinvented to the core.
New technology which works with the cosmic energy resources and needs not to strip the earth and works on inter-stellar levels. Telepathy, teleportation, and immense expansion in space. It is all there, waiting for us to wake up to our galactic heritage and finally reclaim it.

It is the age where we will learn to live and let live. To allow ourselves to return to the ultimate understanding that we create what we live. We reap what we sow. We are co-creators – yet how we use that force it what ultimately makes or breaks us.

We will return to the wisdom of balance, knowing that all balance first comes from within ourselves, before it can manifest outwards.

Allow the Power of Love bring that regenerative force into your heart, mind and soul and embrace a much higher and more profound way of life. Remember, that all of this starts within you – and then manifests outwards.

You are the creator as much as you are the creation you live in.

More than this – miracles mostly come silently, softly and almost happen upon us. Indeed, miracles are happening even now, yet most of humanity is still sleeping the sleep of forgetfulness as the greatest transformative power is sweeping the earth, the solar system and the galactic core."

Judith Kusel

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