06 August 2020

The Healing of HUmanity ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 5 August 2020

Let's build an amazing world together ~ Global Missions of LOVE
Source: Nicky Hamid

You see chaos in world events, and confusion and dramatic reactions in your communities and families. And you may ask “Where is the Love?”

But I tell you that I visit daily and there are people in every village, town and city in every place on Earth who know, and who daily hold the space of pure Love and compassion for all.

The pressure of the ages is upon HumanIty to finally, once and for all, clear the shadows of the illusion and regain their freedom, Truth and Lovingness.

Thus all that is not of honesty and love rises. All Shadow is being exposed, out of the subconsciousness of every single person on this planet.

And you and I are here to Hold the Space of Love in our Hearts. To run the shadows through our consciousness and to CHOOSE LIGHT.

To clear our OUR SPACE in life, as we find it, and envisage, imagine, and dream the NEW GOLDEN AGE into manifestation. We are cocreating through alignment with our Soul Being (higher selves) and the vast Soul and multidimensional Spirit Company.

The transformation is assured and it is this Love/Light that We ARE that is the very reason that all the dross has to come to the surface. And our Love is beyond all the boundaries and conventions of human division.

So thus I share with you this Message I received from a Beloved Sister of the Middle East.

I ask you that, when you have read this, to sit with her in your Heart and connect to the Love Space she holds and many others who are doing the same in theirown private connection to the Quantum field and the WWW of LOVE. You are making a difference. Thankyou, thankyou.

“I live in Israel, and would not like to provoke any kind of emotion around the subject in an open message. I want to tell you how much your words find an echo in my heart in those moments of profound cleansing of a karmic dance of death between two members of the same family. I realise more and more that in the emotional detachment in which I observe that somehow little miracles happen every day since the beginning of the wars. As if Israel, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, USA, or anywhere else is like the beating heart of the world leaving no one indifferent.

This world sorrow somehow brings people together, to pray or help one another. Your daily messages are strengthening this strange silence in my heart and I am grateful to realise that the awakening of consciousness is happening at all levels of our community too, in a timeline where war is one extreme, peace is the other side and still the same energy, so silence and compassion is what I try and communicate to my surroundings hoping those waves will eventually transform this chaos in a new realisation of how to build this broken family back into a loving one

Thank you for being there and being here. Yes, yes We Are the Family of One I So Love You All”.

Join your Heart with Her’s and Know beyond all doubt.

Your Love and willingness to live courageously in the Truth of your Knowing is making a Difference.

I So Love You


PS And I repeat that you can walk the streets of anywhere in the world and touch with your love. In your imagining you actually jump into another dimension and your love can touch there just as much as you can touch with someone standing right in front of you. The veils have gone and Your Love is that powerful.

In the Eye of the Storm ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 5 August 2020

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in's honest account of her experience is much appreciated, and I am certain will benefit those who need to read it. The Void can be a most empowering and nurturing place to be, if we embrace it, surrender to our Divinity and allow the process to unfold. This is what I wrote last year:
This is when we feel the void.....the Nothingness, an infinite depth. This void feels very uncomfortable ~ even threatening ~ because we no longer have an identity to shield us from it, and the initial reaction would be to fill it up with whatever we can grasp ~ something, anything, from the Outer World. Fill it up or else we'll drown in it, or it will swallow us up! But if we allow ourselves to exist in this void, we will eventually (and very quickly, too, if we allow it!) find that it's teeming with a richness that we had not sensed before because we were in near-panic mode trying to fill it up or escape from it. But of course, we can't even if we try, because the void is full and the void is us. Filled and pregnant with potentials ~ our potentials ~ ready to birth our True Self once we allow the process.
This void is like the womb of Creation ~ it can be a nurturing place if we connect with it. It is, after all, us. The time spent here is like incubation ~ the proverbial cocoon or womb from whence we emerge, resplendent in our True Colours and Beingness, the initial phase of becoming Who We Truly Are.
Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The energy this week has been overwhelming, down right strange and extraordinarily intense. I can feel a deep shift deep in my solar plexus like the unrelenting, overturning of the tides in my gut. I feel like I am without an anchor, and feel I have nothing to offer. I feel like a complete blank slate while in a cocoon. The outer 3D reality feels so increasingly unreal, almost like an unfunny, cosmic satire with all its exaggerations and extreme polarities compiled with the heavy crush of the struggling underlayment of human, primal fear. I am hearing that life is morphing in the physical very fast now. We are in the void vacillating between realities, and this is what it will feel like for a while. It is not an easy place to be traveling through, especially for empaths and sensitives.

I am shocked to watch my intense reactions to the outer world’s illusions. This isn’t the way I usually react to things. It feels like a huge power surge inside that will not tolerate anything that is not truth or out of alignment anymore. It is like I hit my proverbial line in the dirt. I hear... more light and TRUTH is coming in very fast now, and what we were ok with yesterday, might not be ok with us today. But the weird thing is that I don’t know what my truth is with my mind. The mind is old left brain programs of the past. Yet this internal surge within seems to know exactly what the truth is. It is pure intuition without any bounds. It surges through me feeling like an alien power that has more control over me than I do of it. It is a bit scary to feel this much energy, and I AM used to big energy. So ... I think to myself, do I let all this out? Is it too much? Too much for my nervous system’s circuits? Am I just learning to embody and balance this new incoming wave of energy? When I ask the Star Elders for answers about these mind bending, unpredictable times and polarities, they say simply say to “surf the center” within all the world’s diverse perspectives, and to “stay in the eye of the storm”. But this is easier said than done. It it is time to quit wasting energy by anchoring into any side as anything polarized will not be coming through onto the new template.

When I ask further about the power that is coursing through my chakras like a fright train, I hear this is what we ALL have been asking for. Yes you, and gulp ... me! This is the beginning of the birth of our true awakened self in the physical world, and the true self within us that is created in God’s image. And of course, this power feels alien to us. We might feel out of control or overwhelmed. We have not felt our true awakened self embodied in our physical form in this lifetime, and maybe in many life times. We have been dumb downed by old programming of many past generations for safe keeping. We needed to keep this power hidden to avoid persecution in the past, but it seems that these days are over. The time is right and the collective consciousness is able to anchor it now. So hang on.

I also see, and have been experiencing, the bridging of our dreamtime with multiple realities thus creating what feels like time shifts or loops and dimensional leaps. We are now circling back to the original Earth template that has no contamination in creation, unlike the one we are diverting from. Dreamtime is very different as I feel like I am awake while asleep, aware and learning from past events and history, and intending and preparing for the future. I find myself working with many other souls on very deep core issues. Some of these people I know in this reality, and others I have yet to meet. I wake up so tired. We are reassessing our deepest history while simultaneously envisioning and building our future. This is making us feel uncomfortably full and empty all at the same time.

This is what it feels like to be entering spherical time, when we wake up in a new day and need to reassess our life, our focus and what actions we take. Each day we are directed to start all over again. I feel like I am moving at light speed while standing still. This is because we are shifting so fast that we do not have time to anchor in any one place anymore. And that is the point ... not to anchor just yet. We need to keep clearing and letting go of the past while entering the future. It is not a good time to make big moves unless it is something you have been cooking on for some time. We cannot get into our left brain with this process, although we will try unsuccessfully. All this, in this time, is boiling down to living in each moment, free from past expectations and open to new, incoming energy that we asked for.

Self care is so very important now. I know those who read my posts already have a huge tool box of self care knowledge. It is time to dig into that tool box, and use what will work for you in each moment. Yesterday I was so uncomfortable in my skin. So I took a long mustard bath and let myself sweat for awhile. I then took a cool shower, and topped it off by using some Egyptian oils. I felt a lot better. Our digestion is taking a hit again too. Be kind to your body with the food you take in. And remember to just breathe, and remember to surf in the center in the eye of the storm.

We appreciate every Heart Donation especially during these times. https://www.alunajoy.com/heartdonation.html

The Ocean Knows No Conflict ~ Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn
Even as the waves constantly collide
the ocean knows no conflict

05 August 2020

Consciousness is Trying to Break Free ~ Lee Harris ~ 4 August 2020

Source: Lee Harris

From 2012 onwards, the heat has gone up on the planet in terms of how many people are being asked to unfurl and unfold themselves into who they are authentically here to be.

As a result, everything that is unauthentic or misaligned on your planet is having a radical reform.

So, you can look at your outer world and see where there are places of discord or disharmony or fight and recognize that this is the struggle of consciousness trying to break free.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3

Learn more: http://bit.ly/way-of-sensitive

Eostre's Gift Update ~ Cobra ~ 4 August 2020

This is the first of three images posted by Cobra in his latest update ~ textless ~ on The Portal.  Please visit his website to view the other two. 

For those who wish to delve further into interpreting the message, please know that Cobra has been posting encrypted updates (meant for RM) with "EOSTRE" in the message recently:

"EOSTRE Lfiltration protocols modulation in progress, evaluate 200805.2112Z" (2 Aug 2020)

"Security breach deflected, EOSTRE coding sequence started" (1 Aug 2020)
The first actual update with EOSTRE appeared in 2014:

The image above is labelled "Coding Sequence".

I'm thinking this looks like positive news....that's what I would wish for anyway, given recent developments in Beirut and the likelihood that it's not caused by chemicals.

Jason Estes Update ~ 5 August 2020

Source: Jason Estes


With the template tests winding down and the prewave of body speed up phase kicking in these last 3 hours have been a wild ride, remember to stay hydrated stretch as often as you remember and choose your commitments wisely we are preparing for a magical month full of growth opportunities ::hugs::

If People Can Hate For No Reason, I Can Love.... Anonymous

A Healing Heart
I Love You
You're probably thinking, but you don't even know me

That may be true
But if people can hate for no reason
I can love

I've seen this posted so many times in various places online, and it never fails to make me stop and ponder it for a while. I think it's so profound, without even trying.

Thank you to whoever came out with that great Wisdom πŸ’›

Religions ~ Andrew Bartzis

Andrew Bartzis' website is here. Interestingly, Amanda Lorence also talked about this same topic just yesterday.


When you are growing into your awakening you often realize that religions are a trap, but they are not a permanent trap, and oftentimes religions cannot exist without the light and the dark to create evolution. That’s the reason they were created in an ancient time and still survive to now, so we can make a new way, a new way that does not step on the journey of others, but still allows the love creation and co-creation through, but takes a look at what is in polarity and what is in positive or negative charge to some action or reaction.

When we allow that into ourselves we can see where our subtle judgements are, on a person who is believing in one of the five major religions and put their faith into it over many dozens of years, and how you suddenly judge it because you are growing into a new expression, a higher density of self.
“…oftentimes religions cannot exist without the light and the dark to create evolution.”
- Andrew Bartzis

Lions Gate Energy Update ~ Maureen Moss ~ 4 August 2020

Source: Maureen Moss

(Registration for our 8-8-Event Below.)

Beloved Hearts,

There has been a great deal of foretellings about this month of August. One Astrologer called it "the month Hell breaks loose." This is what I know for sure.

We are Beginning to Walk a New Path, the path of our Soul. Our Soul with its Infinite wisdom has prepared for this moment in our existence.

We are in New Creation Energy, on steroids, becoming a New Human and re-defining ourselves with a lot of help. And, we are beginning to establish a New Earth benefiting the whole of Humanity and the Cosmos.

For a task such as this, the conditions had to be ripe. They are. And difficult as it has been... may well be, I sense blessings beyond measure coming after 'this part.'

We have already set an almost mind-bending example of fortitude and exceptional courage in the face of great obstacles, blindsides and deep and oftentimes undefinable physical and emotional purging. We'll most likely add to those scenarios.

As the August energies amplify, undoubtedly we have to find our zones of peace and go there... and know what brings us to center and go there in any moment... as well attend to the balance of our vertical and horizontal alignment daily.

It's important as well to remember we are alchemizing the densest of energies of our own, the collectives and our ancestors through our bodies, going back thousands of years where the 'trouble' began.

However these energies play themselves, I know in my Heart we shall come out the other end and marvel at who we've BEcome or perhaps of equal measure 'how' we BEcame. As well we shall realize the amount of Love, Compassion and Kindness we can easily generate toward ourselves and each other.

For those concerned about what's next, You will be shown when it's 'time,'... we all will. For now we must focus on embodying the Higher Aspects of OurSelves and not give our energy to anything that will drain, confuse, rile us up nor distract us. This Reset is Monumental and has many moving parts.

By now we Know that our roles we have played in this lifetime are Over and every belief and distraction that went with them as well. The conditions we chose for this lifetime and All others are Over. Our human wit and will are invalid. The stories we have concocted about ourselves and made to believe are irrelevant.

Keep in Heart:

When all Hell breaks loose....Truth Rises.
When all Hell breaks loose... We Rise.
When all Hell breaks loose... Light fills the Void.
And when all Hell breaks loose...We Gain.

And then, with all things neutralized we have a blank slate… unmanipulated, unformed, unplanned, unrehearsed and karma and interference free to create Our Lives as we choose through the Wisdom of our Hearts and Souls.

So when it breaks loose, let the Hell out of wherever it has landed or has been suppressed inside and stay with it until it all parts company with you. You will Be Blessed in ways you or I can't even imagine. And when it comes from the world external, the hell I mean, leave the theatre.

My Higher Self just said: We are about to write a Love Story. A Love Story of how the New Human came to be and how Earth became a Sacred Holy Place.πŸ™πŸ•Š

It is of No coincidence this is the Infinite Month of 8...and the Lions Gate...and when the Lions and all their Majestic qualities of Strength, Courage, Fierceness, Bravery and Confidence come forth for human adoption.

In this month, when/if all Hell breaks loose let it, don't attach to it, don't resist it, don't make of it what it isn't and don't let your frequency down. Hold onto The Love, The Light, and The Power of God I AM. Let God Rise through you every step of the way.

And don't forget...WE are in this Together.

Click Here For Registration

Blessings, Love and Gratitude,

Email: Maureen@maureenmoss.com
Website: www.maureenmoss.com

© 2020 Maureen Moss
No part of this transmission including artwork, may be reproduced or transferred in any form or by any means without full article, full name and website 
Additionally voice recordings are prohibited by this copyright. 

Self-Help for Triggers ~ Matt Kahn ~ 4 August 2020

Great practical advice for us!

Source: Matt Khan

When you dare to be the opposite of those who bother you, you find yourself able to honor their journey, while grateful for the law of polarity for inspiring you to embody your highest wisdom more often, in response to the inconsistencies in sight. Instead of attempting to show someone else what they seem to be overlooking, simply demonstrate the choices you wish they were embracing, even if, such change is only meant to be your next step forward into greater living embodiment. As always, every inspired action step you take always offers more light to all in existence, whether they know it came from you or not.

As a way of anchoring light in moments of emotional turmoil, simply ask yourself the following questions:

1. What adjective best describes the emotion felt in the presence of someone who bothers or triggers me?

2. What is the opposite positive emotion to that feeling?

3. What can I do right now to authentically be that positive emotion in action?

4. If unsure, can I take a moment and silently bless the person bothering me with more of that positive emotion throughout their life — even if after the fact or in retrospect? ("May you be blessed with all the ____ life has to offer.")

5. Can I also bless my heart and reality with that exact positive emotion as a way of helping to heal deeper emotional layers that others trigger? ("May I be blessed with all the ____ life has to offer.")

Please apply this approach each time you are triggered and always conclude this process with greater self-love and admiration for you. It’s not about doing it perfectly or trying hard to get it right. It’s simply an exploration of curiosity, allowing you to see how differently experiences can be when heart-centered approaches are taken.

No matter the breakthroughs or failures that follow, we all get it right in the end. This is precisely what getting it right looks like -- as it unfolds.

All For Love,
Matt Kahn

NEO Retreat: Higher Self Connection ~ Free Online Event ~ 7-9 August 2020

If you're interested in attending this online virtual retreat, just register for free here:

The same link will also show you more details.

Diana Cooper Update ~ 5 August 2020

"Early stages" .....

Source: Diana Cooper

Dear Friends

Traditionally August is the summer holiday month of carefree relaxation and leisure.

This year however, everything is different. We are in the early stages of world upheaval and massive change. Climate change has taught us that we have to work with nature and honour it. The Corona virus and impending economic recession has highlighted the falseness of our economy that is driven by greed, consumption and illusory money as well as the inequality of the haves and have nots.

If we do not change, it will be done for us. The changes will affect everyone, but some people more than others. It is rather like being in an earthquake zone. As the old paradigm collapses August will start to bring frauds, scandals and revelations to the surface. More big corporations are admitting they are in financial difficulties as the world economy slowly continues to disintegrate.

Mars is bringing storms and strife from 8th – 16th August. Businesses, situations and relationships that are not stable and aligned to the highest good are likely to fail. So follow your heart. Listen to your intuition. Stay steady.

If you feel that you are in the middle of an emotional earthquake the message of the month is to stay steady. HOLD YOUR FAITH. Know that everything in your life as well as in the world is evolving in a divine perfect way.

On a positive note more people are growing their own vegetables, gardening, cycling, walking and spending time in nature. More are community minded. There is a movement to care for those less fortunate. And each of us can contribute to world change by making the changes within ourselves – being more creative, more in tune with the natural world, more community aware etc. After all a magnificent garden is made up of thousands of individual flowers, each contributing to the whole.

With unicorn love and blessings

Judith Kusel Update ~ 4 August 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

Let this be known: the awakening is now unstoppable as the immense powerful energy has been activated which has lain dormant for millions of years, and it is going to bring a deeper remembering and awakening to humankind on all fronts.

It is a shaking awake as the Divine Shofar has sounded 7 times and thus know that you are now fully stepping into a totally new life and a totally new existence.

It may seem as if the 3D world has gone crazy, as there will be a desperate attempt by some, to cling onto the old, and hold the structures and forms in place: - the more they try, the more all will vaporize and fall to pieces in their hands.

Let this be known:
This is the return to the Ancient Keys and Codes and the Primordial First Creation on planet Earth.
This is the return of Unity and Oneness to the highest degrees.
There is no going back.
There is only one way now to go and that is UP!

Yes, sometimes it will feel as if you are on the edge of an Abyss. Remember when the Abyss appears, it is time to find your wings and to fly over it. Your own inner navigation systems will kick in and you will safely land on the other side. Know the other is totally new territory in a much higher vibrational frequency band and much higher dimensional state. The key is a total surrendering to the Divine, and letting go of your own ego.

At this time, it is wise to tune into your inner seeing, hearing, and knowing, more, than into the outside mass hysteria and desperate attempts to keep humanity where it is. All of that is but the churning up, of what is disintegrating, dissipating, and exists in truth no more!

This is time when you need to cultivate stillness, and quietude, and stay away from the madding crowds.

It is time to allow the Divine to totally become AS ONE with you, so that you can anchor in the highest Christed Consciousness and Light. It is a time when you surrender to the Divine Will, and in so doing, will find yourself carried through this time, in amazing and miraculous ways.

Let the sound of the Shofar ring in your ears!
Let the vibration of what has been awakened now shake you, like lightning, into highest insight and understanding, that this is a totally New Life and New Beginnings.

There is no separation anymore!
There is no THEY!
There is no judgement.
There is only Divine Light, Love and Power.

I have spoken!
Judith Kusel

The Pulse: 5-10 August 2020 ~ Gene Key 20: Division | Guidance | Virtue ~ Richard Rudd

Virtue is as delicate as a wild orchid
Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 5 August to 10 August – The 7th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Division to the Siddhi of Virtue and it's the Way of Guidance.

Virtue Is Its Own Reward

Virtue is as delicate as a wild orchid. It is also something we can accumulate, just as water accumulates beneath the ground over the centuries. We accumulate Virtue through our positive actions, thoughts, and deeds. We don’t see the drops of water filling the great lakes below, but every drop brings the water closer to the surface.

One day, when our Virtue is brimming over, suddenly it erupts through the cracks of our lives and begins to flow from our hearts, through our aura as effervescent light and as tangible goodwill and benevolence.

- Excerpt from the 64 ways

For more information about the Gene Keys please visit or subscribe to The Pulse at genekeys.com

#genekeys #thepulse #division #guidance #virtue #64Ways #genekey7

Lions Gate Activations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 4 August 2020

Source: Meg Benedicte

The 8-8 Lionsgate portal opens every August during the month of Leo the Lion, as the Blue Star Sirius rises in the morning sky with our Sun…it appears as two rising Suns – one in Golden Light and the other in Blue Light. The 8-8 Lionsgate is a celebration of the ancient Sirian-Lumerian lineage many Lightworkers carry within their Soul code and bloodline.

The ancient elders from Star Sirius traveled to Gaia and counseled the original Lemurian civilization in the art of sacred geometry, the patterns of creation and the bridge between worlds. The ancient art of Alchemy dates back when visiting ‘gods’ arrived from Sirius and established the mystery schools of universal knowledge. As the old patriarchal system drops away, we are in the process of resurrecting a new Lemurian society in galactic wisdom.

The Leo Lionsgate enhances attributes of self-love and personal power. Leo is the sign of Strength. In tarot, the Strength card is represented by the lion and Infinity sign. Soul embodiment increases inner strength, courage and confidence in your daily life.

In numerology the Infinity ‘8’ is the symbol of balance, union and infinite abundance. The 8-8 Lionsgate galactic event enhances your ability to fully embody the divine Soul Presence in physical form. The Lionsgate light transmission will infuse you with more strength, freedom and the ‘Heart of the Lion’.

Tie up loose ends, heal unresolved wounding and get ready for another powerful shift into higher consciousness. You are leveling-up into the next phase of your Soul’s mission. All the inner work is preparing you for a more active role in creating the New Earth.

As you join me in the 8-8 Lions Gateway, I will guide you through powerful Ascension Activations utilizing the superwave of Infinity ‘8’ frequencies enhancing personal authority, confidence, inner-strength, freedom, abundance and prosperity. This is a very potent day to amplify your visons, intentions and hearts desires.

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for the powerful 8:8 Lionsgate Activations on Saturday, August 8th. We will perform healing activations and global intentions in unity consciousness during our Lionsgate gathering. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=220336

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Quantum Access®

Copyright (c) 2020 Meg Benedicte 
* All Rights Reserved * 
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

SR Reading

04 August 2020

Energy Update & Stages Explained ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 4 August 2020

To listen to this video update on fb, please follow this link.

Amanda Lorence explains from her perspective the Ascension process with regard to the embodiment of our Divinity  and becoming the Divine Human / Human Angel / Homo Luminos or the other various terms that have been ascribed to our evolution. Amanda goes with "New Human".

Vlog 178: Important Step in Manifesting Prosperity ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 3 August 2020

Please follow this link for Patricia Cota-Robles' new vlog, where she covers the topic of tithing, as a follow-up of her previous vlog.

5 Ways of Relieving Stress & Feeling Peaceful with the Angels ~ Diana Cooper ~ 3 August 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

Not surprisingly, I am having so many questions and pleas for help regarding stress recently.

Back to basics!!! Stress is fear and anxiety. These fears may or may not be realistic but if you are worrying or thinking about negative possibilities and outcomes, your body reacts physically.

We are all bombarded with negativity by the media. We are too busy. Technology is frustrating. Modern life is stressful. As a result you breathe more shallowly.

You withhold energy from parts of your body and this may cause pain or illness. Your heart palpitates. You use up energy in stress and may feel exhausted, even depressed or have memory loss. And many more things. So reverse the process.


1. Use your imagination to help you. Anxious and depressed people have good imaginations. Are you picturing your boss firing you, your child getting hurt, failing, no one turning up at your event, having an accident, not doing well enough, no one liking you or a million other things? A possibility does not have to be real. If you picture a challenging outcome your body will create a stress reaction.
Actively picture your boss giving you a raise, your child happy and safe, success, everyone liking you.
Consciously give yourself new messages and tell the Universe this is what you now wish to create.
To make this message stronger make a success picture. Get some pentel pens and draw the positive outcome, then put a pink or gold ring round it, which are the angel colours. As you draw, mentally ask the angels to activate this.

2. Breath is your connection to Source God wants you to be happy, healthy, abundant and successful. Every time you breathe in you are taking in divine energy that helps you bring about divine outcomes. Shallow breathing denies and blocks your connection to Source.
Consciously strengthen your connection to Source by becoming very aware of your breathing and every fifteen minutes or so take a few deep breaths. Set a timer until you have got a new habit. In between try to breathe more deeply.

3. Communicate- Avoiding people or burying your head in the sand adds to stress.
Remember that your Guardian Angel can talk to the other person's Guardian Angel and this aids communication between you.
Sit quietly and consider the conflicting person or situation. Then think some nice thoughts about that person (there has to be something good) or situation. What is the outcome you want for the highest good? Tell your Guardian Angel what you want to happen that is best for everyone. Wait a day or two, then when you feel it is right, speak to the person or address the situation. Be sure your angel is right beside you

4.Take Decisions - Putting things off only makes things worse. Procrastination steals more than time. It causes stress. If you are having a problem deciding what to do, ask Archangel Gabriel to help you.
Write down the choices. Light a candle to raise the energy, close your eyes and calm your mind. Then ask Archangel Gabriel to help you to make the right decision. You may need to do this several times but he will drop the right choice into your mind when you are ready.

5. Get Grounded - When you are not connected to Earth, you lack balance and stability. This is being physically grounded and you need emotional grounding too.
Walk as much as you can, preferably in nature. Every day picture your Earth Star Chakra as a big magnetic silver ball beneath your feet that is drawing you down into your body. Mentally ask Archangel Sandalphon to help you with this. For emotional grounding build a support network of family, friends, community and hobbies.
Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you open your heart and reach out to others.

Crux Point of Shifting Consciousness ~ Lee Harris ~ 3 August 2020

We are at a crux point of consciousness shifting on the Planet

Source: Lee Harris

We're in a very changed time. And what that will do for us is it will cause us to evaluate things, to look at how we want to be different in the future, look at how we want to be different in our lives and in ourselves in the now.

And so we're about to go into that deeper phase, we're just entering into the deeper territory. So for any of you who think, "Oh no, I can't take anymore," don't worry, it doesn't mean that what you've been going through is actually just going to accelerate.

Quite the opposite, it means that whatever those reactions have been so far, you're about to get underneath them.

And that can be different for different folks. For some of us that can be very uncomfortable, but for those of you who have been through a lot of discomfort in the last six, seven weeks, there's only so long that we can thrash around in those emotions.

There comes a point when we have to drop in, and so what you're going to find is you're going to start to have a new way of seeing what you're going through right now.

But even more importantly than what you're going through right now, a way of seeing who you want to become in the future. And this is collective too.

Abundance ~ Matt Kahn ~ 3 August 2020

Abundance is the energy of permission
The more you permit yourself the right to desire what you want, express gratitude for what you have, and be excited for whatever comes your way, the more abundance you are bound to receive

Aluna Ash Update ~ 3 August 2020

Keep holding & growing in Faith
Reality is transforming in ways you would have never thought were possible
A complete rebuilding has begun
2020 is just the beginning of making space for a new foundation
The next 2-4 years will be life changing!

And to lay a new foundation, the old structure must totally come down first. It's really really really messy....

Source: Aluna Ash

The dissolving of a construct that began years ago (for many) is reaching a peak point in the process of rebuilding.

I am telling you- it is worth it. If you have gone through hardships recently, or over the years... it is worth it. If you have felt a bit lost or uncertain at times, that's OK. There is much more happening within deeper regions of the Soul then what the surface mind is aware of.

What has been built in consciousness from within due to internal growth and evolution of the Soul- is rapidly coming into form.

Some may notice a major increase in the fine-tuning in personal resonance when it comes to people, messages, music, energy, belief systems, etc... so new people, experiences, opportunities, wisdom, desires or evolution in relationships of all kinds- can begin to surface.

2020 is a like doorway or a midpoint of rebalance to build upon a firm new foundation. The last few years have been a process of dis-entangling from unintentional self-imposed limitations to make space for building a new foundation intentionally and spiritually.

2020 is all about change in order to hear the call and to recognize "the wall" of division we have unknowingly imagined into form. In time, the wall will fall. Many (of all ages) will be called individually to awaken for the planting of the seed and for the blooming of the seed at a later date... by sequence, by design and what seems like synchronicity- in perfect order.

A spontaneous Spiritual/Kundalini Awakening is the planting of the seed of the Eternal Body that begins to surface into individual awareness. The seed will begin to bloom more & more over many years until the blueprint unfolds completely. Then you are gathered into the Eternal Body and experience the transfiguration and fusing of the Living Body with your individual awareness. Even though you are still in the same physical body and life, you come "back" to share the signal that is now radiating from your whole Being. It becomes very clear that this is your work for the next several decades or remaining time here...to fulfill. The signal is like a powerful electro-magnetic force that naturally draws another in through a harmonised coordination... all happening within the depths of our Being- beyond the awareness of the surface mind.

In every time segment, we have chosen to experience the planting of the seed (spiritual/kundalini awakening) the gathering, fusing and Becoming individually, at different times, in this way... by working together and calling eachother in. (example: you have called me in and I have called you in) It is not the person "sent" sending the signal, it is the radiating of the Essence that has fused with their individual awareness that now functions as one with the Eternal Living Body, the physical body and persona only act as a medium to be used for this realm to transmit the signal.

This is such a powerful life-cycle and time segment within the Mind of Humanity to be a part of πŸ’œ

Sandra Walter Update ~ 3 August 2020

Source: Sandra Walter

:: Happy Crystalline Full Moon ::

For those working with the organic stargate opening this day, you might feel *high* or have whirling sensations this week as the magnetic grid shifts occur and the old programs get dismantled.

Freedom codes delivered through responsible creation. Show HUmanity the new Divine HUman. Connected, Free, Compassionate, Creative. Leave duality in the dust. To Love, not to judge.

Focus windows for participation in August with the organic stargate system influxes:

August 3 - Crystalline Full Moon, overriding inorganic programs

August 7-9 Lion's Gate Ceremonies as unified prep, choice point, alignment

August 13-19, 23-25 - Influxes, Gate/Gridkeeper focus on organic stargate flows, reorganization of magnetics, quantum overriding for December outcomes.

Live SUNday Unity Meditation August 9 at 8:11AM on Cathedral Rock.

Live on Mount Shasta September 6.

More in the newsletter. This is a beautiful passage, dear hearts. Choose wisely ~ Don't watch the old burn. Stay present in your Divinity; Amplify the New Earth Now. See you in the field of pure Creation.

In Love, Light and Service,

Extensive details on the second half of 2020 and activations in the August webinar replay if guided.

August Energy Update & Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Light Letter: ☼ When We Live As Light ☼ ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 2 August 2020

Lisa Transcendence Brown shining her Light so bright! What a breath of fresh Spiritual Air!

Source: Awakening to Remembering

♥   We can shift anything to a higher vibrational frequency  ♥
♫ Keep Living Your Love and Living Your Light ♫
♦ Honor, Support and Respect Your Physical NEW Earth Lightbody fully ♦

Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

Anchoring NEW Earth Codes and Embodying Light is a massive process on a Physical and Energetic level in every way. We must devote our whole life/body to immense integration processes that occur constantly and shift how we function and live here.

Our NEW Earth Experiences start soft, subtle and so very pure. Pure Peace, Pure Love, innocence, kindness, softness and the ability to inspire, uplift and expand all through our own higher consciousness awareness by observing all and utilizing this information to guide/assist others truly ready to do the same....

Sharing our NEW Earth Experiences is important, as it awakens each's Soul-Heart and brings "realness" to what's possible, what's available, what already exists and what's simple as each is truly ready to connect from deeper inside and energetically experience the magic and beauty of all from deep within.

Sharing the softness, sharing the kindness, sharing the Living Codes of Divine Intelligence... through our Service Work and in our every day lives.... BEing the Soft one, BEing the Kind one. BEing the ONE that uplifts, inspires, supports, creates beauty and acts as a portal to higher dimensional realms, NEW EARTH Experiences, Source Consciousness and more.... it's a beautiful life that we Consciously Choose as our own whole reality experience here.

Not all are open to this and we respect this too. This is about respecting everyone's choices and focusing on what we came here to BE and DO as Light Keepers, as Pure Love and Frequency Holders, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers and so much more.

NEW Earth realities are completely different than old earth ones were. It will take boldness and courage to step out/beyond the old habitual ways to explore all new. Each has to do this for themselves. It's  a part of each becoming the higher/highest vibrational version of themselves and activating NEW EARTH CODES for anchoring Heaven on Earth from deep within. (As is a ridiculous amount of sleep to integrate, clear/merge timelines and more). Our NEW EARTH Lightbodies and Embodiment is how we all do this.

Standing in y/our Power as Love, holding deep Sacred Respect, yet not accepting 3D as an acceptable way anymore is also a part of the process. Every person will have to go inward/inside to get their own answers from their own Universe/Higher Selves as to what is currently highest aligned in every now moment for them. This is not the same for everyone, as everyone is in different places, both Light Quotient wise, density wise, linearity/Quantum-wise and focus-wise.... with each dimension having "different guidelines/rules", if you will.

Do the deep inner work. Keep going deeper every moment to open up all dimensions from deep within. Be real. Stop pretending, putting on a front, shapeshifting as human egos and playing in the old linear-program-regurgitation games. This global "halt" provides the perfect opportunity for this....

Please read on....

03 August 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 3 August 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

For this Full Moon in Aquarius the keys are INTENSITY and ACCELERATION.
Time is accelerating as we shift into Higher Consciousness.
Consciousness itself is accelerating.

And power is pouring through the portals to fire up new creations for the New Earth.

This is a time of massive change on all levels.

Love is the only way through.
Love is the Highest Form of Consciousness.
Love yourself.

Open yourself to Divine Love.
And Enjoy the Ride.

Atlantis Un-Redux

Wiz of Oz Curtain Call
Atlantis Redux ~ I've used this term a couple of times here in the past, but today is different. I've decided that the more accurate term is really Atlantis Un-Redux. Because what happened at the end must not recur again, even though what's playing out now reflects the final phase of the Last Fall of Atlantis.

Having mentioned this replay of Atlantis here and there fleetingly, I'd like to now tell my story and therefore the reason why this Atlantean factor is never far from my mind.

This goes back about 15 years, when I first started realising the answer to a puzzle that had been plaguing me for a long time. I had over the years met several people who exhibited certain characteristics with a specific sort of energy signature. This started in the Spiritual community, in the late 80's. (I was aware of the term "Lightworker" only in the late 90's, courtesy of Steve Rother.) I couldn't quite figure it out, and it was only after many years that I started to realise what I was seeing and sensing.

It was the Atlantean energy.

This was 15 years ago, as mentioned. It finally dawned on me that such Souls (met several more as time passed) were Atlantean, specifically from the last phase. And even more specifically, Atlanteans who wielded power or had authority. In the present time, they exude this power, are in some leadership role or spotlight, and have a "following" of some kind. It seemed to me that they easily influenced others to their way of thinking, having the innate ability to sway opinions to reflect their own sentiment.

My "read" of their Atlantean energy was confirmed when Spirituality started to come out of the closet more and more ~ I was meeting such Souls, many of whom announced at some point that they were "powerful Atlanteans" in the cycle before the Last Fall of Atlantis.

I continued to come across such individuals, and had a personal experience which epitomised the behaviour of these Souls. I was invited to join a Healing Project that on paper was impressive and comprehensive. I was really excited when I heard the proposal during the first meeting ~ the project synergistically comprised several healing modalities as well as forward-thinking doctors, who would be there should the patient require some allopathic advice.

In the next couple of meetings that followed, things began to unravel pretty fast. There was one healer ~ I'll call him Healer A ~ who was easily the star of the group. Confident, outspoken, brilliant, an effective influencer and popular. However, he grew increasingly hostile towards another group member, who will be known as Healer B. Healer A kept dismissing Healer B's modalities, implying that his worked and the other's didn't. Healer B tried to put forward his case but everyone else seemed to be enamoured with Healer A. I was already getting that Atlantean reading from the Healer A, and it reached the point where I could not remain silent anymore. I spoke out and insisted that Healer B be heard because his therapy had a potential role to play.

That didn't sit well with Healer A. I had to speak out again after he interrupted Healer B a few more times. And that was when the Atlantean energy came out in full force. He stood up ~ all 6 feet of him ~ and declared "I AM AN ATLANTEAN" followed by a discourse of how powerful he was in that lifetime etc etc. Since it wasn't the first time that all of my 5' 3"-self had stood up against a six-footer, I wasn't intimidated but that outburst did sufficiently startle the rest for them to come out of the spell, and they proceeded to calm him down.

I quit the project that day, and was told later that Healer B also quit shortly thereafter.

At this point, I would like to make some clarifications. Am I saying that ALL Atlanteans Souls are like this? Categorically NO. What I am saying is that Atlantean Souls who were ruling at that time possess these characteristics. The leaders and their lieutenants, in particular.

Let's not forget the rest of the population ~ the citizens who were generally controlled and likely clueless as to what was really going on, and eventually traumatised by the tragic end. Then there are the Temple Elders and those who tried to stop the escalating and insane power grab. In fact, the mostly hostile one-sided interaction between the two Healers was like a representation of the Atlantean leaders and their Lemurian or Priesthood counterparts.

All that went on during the last phase in Atlantis ~ the technological terror unleashed upon the slave population, the biological experiments, unfettered power play, wanton disregard for Life and the Planet, and generally playing god.

All that now being replayed in our current timeline on the global stage, with USA in the spotlight, and appropriately so, given that many Atlantean Souls are once again reprising their roles in what was supposed to be the New Atlantis.

This Atlantean component must be added t0 the already very mixed bag of factors affecting the power play today. The playbook set up by "bosses" up the pyramid chain, the mid-level agendas, the individual power struggles down the line. There are many factors influencing this final scene but this Atlantean component is often forgotten. Once we remember that it is also a major influencer, we get to zoom out even more to see the Bigger Picture. This will enable us to better understand what's rapidly playing out as the Collective quickly goes through the paces and ticks off each act of the complex script.

Underscoring each scene is the crucial need for healing, without which meaningful progress is not quite possible, and likely requiring a re-take. This is also what we see playing out now ~ the gaping ancient wounds that have not been adequately addressed and healed throughout the ages, having only a band-aid that's fast disintegrating from wear and tear. These wounds need to be seen, acknowledged and properly (ad)dressed followed by massive forgiveness and releasing, leading to true healing.

It would be nothing but blind arrogance and utter foolishness if we even dare to assume who gets to ascend and who doesn't, based on what things look like now. We don't know another Soul's path and purpose, and we most definitely don't get to decide. ALL Souls have the choice to ascend, except for those who are so corrupted that there's hardly any, if at all, Source spark left in the Soul, but it's not us who will determine that.

If the Hidden Hand Dialogue is authentic, all it takes is 51% of Light to ascend. And if Andrew Bartzis is correct, this Ascension is quite unique in so many ways, including the attempt at what he calls Negative Ascension (if I remember correctly) ~ meaning even STS Souls have a choice to ascend. I assume this would be the 50%-and-under category.

Furthermore, the one that we think is so 3D, asleep and with near-zero chance of waking up may just jump out of bed one day and be "Faster than a rolling O! Stronger than silent E! Able to leap capital T in a single bound" and zoom right across the Woke-Scale before we can even say Lightworker Letterman. Sorry, that was me obeying my uncensored thoughts. We just have no right to assume we know another's Soul path.

So back to the world stage. I would like to respectfully ask everyone still reading this 😁 to include sending Light to Humanity in your daily Lightwork. ALL of Humanity, including those upon whom we have already passed sentence. I strongly believe that doing this will make a difference in some way, and it is delightful Synchronicity once again that I just posted a relevant message by Guruji Krishnananda about sending Light to heal the wounds. As far as I am concerned, my thinking is ~ if I can't do anything else, at least I can send Light.

All that needs to play out is generally playing out in some haphazard fashion.

But this time, there cannot be another Fall. This time, the main players and all the rest of us in supporting roles, must get it right. This time, we make a Collective Curtain Call and move on to a new play. This time, the current play must end in Ascension, not destruction.

Namaste and Bright Blessings!

Heal the Wounds ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Source: Revolution By Light

The purpose of channelling the Light is to heal, heal any wound inflicted by violence and hatred, to heal individual, to heal the nation and to heal the world. We channel Light for bringing Peace, for bringing New Energies for the New Age, for resurrection, for transformation and for saving the planet from man-made catastrophes.

After we channel the Light, the wars do not stop the next day. There will be no dramatic changes. There will be no miracles. The Light works in its own way and there will be changes. There will be benefits.

If the Light is there and has intelligence, why does it not work without getting channelled? It is a Spiritual law that we have to seek, we have to channel. If more number channel Light, the impact would be greater. If more number channel at the same time, the impact is faster.

Channel Light from wherever you are for at least seven minutes in a day. Heal yourself. Heal the World.

Experiences of Light Channels Manasa Foundation Quotes from the Rishis Amara Maharshi Vishwamitra Maharshi Sapta Rishis #Light #LightAge #Heal 

The Law of Justice 🌌⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

 The Law of Justice is likened unto scales in balance in which that which is heavy on one side must be balanced by that which is equally heavy on the other side. Thus, when one violates another, the heavier the violation the heavier must be the balancing weight.

This is related unto the Law of Karma. All things in time come into balance. Wherein entities put on a heavy karma, they may help remove that karma by lightening the load of another who has been violated by that karma, if possible, oy by lightening the load of someone who has an equally heavy load. It is simple a matter of weights and measures and this is the Cosmic Law of Balance, Justice and Karmic Accounts

Source: MTVO

The Law of Justice 🌌⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork #justice

Divine Love ~ Judith Kusel ~ 31 July 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

Divine Love is unconditional and it embraces every soul and all of Creation, in its everlasting embrace.
There is a Omni-Versal Brother- and Sisterhood of The Sacred Rose, who this morning were surrounding me, as I belong to this Order at Soul Level.

The message I clearly received this morning is that they are surrounding the higher Dimensional Earth at this time of massive transition and transformation, in total love. They are beaming their Love into all the souls on planet earth, whether they are receptive or not. They are pouring it into every living Being on earth, and whatever form this may be.

It is amplified by Divine Love, for the Sacred Rose symbolizes the spiraling energy of Eternal Love, which is ever renewing and expanding and therefore never-ending.

The Sacred Rose, indeed embraces the Sacred Omni-Versal Heart and thus the heart-beat of Creation, which embraces sound, as sound holds the eternal Primordial Creation and like Divine Love is ever renewing, resounding and expanding upon itself. 

Allow your heart center to become like a Chalice and allow the outpouring of the Love of this Eternal Brother- and Sisterhood of the Sacred Rose, to pour into you.

Note, that you will now find Love in all and every form and see it where you never saw it before.
You will open your heart to unconditional love to a much higher degree, as unconditional love, is the highest state and only state of Love in the 5th and higher dimensional state.

Love only sees Unity and brings Unity.
It unifies.
It loves eternally.

All you need do, is open your heart chalice to receive gratefully and gratefully this immense outpouring of Divine Love, through the Brother- and Sisterhood of the Sacred Rose. These Souls dedicate their entire existence as Soul, just to become the Outpouring of Divine Love, and often, in lifetimes on earth, have taken on immensely challenging lives for themselves, in order to hold the Rose of the Sacred Heart and Love open for humanity. 
Photo: Judith Kusel, one of the Roses gracing my home.

Allow Divine Energy Force to Work Through and Within You ~ Judith Kusel ~ 30 July 2020

Divine Will....

Source: Judith Kusel

I woke up this morning with a crystal clear message which I wish to share with you: -
"Allow the Divine Energy Force to work through and with you, and do not try to force anything to happen."

We are need to remaster the fine-art of true living, in highest alignment with the Divine Laws.

Brute force begets brute force.
Force creates counter-force.

If you need to force anything into form and being, the you are out of alignment with the Cosmic Energy Flow. Indeed, no force of any kind is needed.

In the highest Dimensional states there is no need to force anything anymore. Indeed brute force or any forcing at all has become redundant!

When you are in highest alignment with the Divine Will and Purpose, with your own highest soul growth and good, all will flow easily and effortlessly. The Law of Synchronicity will set in and you will draw and attract all into your life, at exactly the right moment and in exact form.

Seek the highest guidance and set the intent and then simply allow the energetic unfolding, in perfect Divine Timing.

That is what TRUST and FAITH are all about.

Judith Kusel