02 August 2020

August Update ~ MTVO ~ 1 August 2020

Source: MTVO

Welcome to August, everyone 🧡

This month we will be tested and given the opportunity to step into deeper levels of truth and faith than we have ever known.

We'll be wrapping up our focus on JAH (time), while the world is unified as one again. Humanity has been operating without two of three of its timeline leaders, and on the 15th those positions will be filled once again as we step into one timeline.

For those who have been in the chaos bubble, this month will carry some really challenging tests of faith as they come to terms with the darkness that has plagued humanity for thousands of years. The key is to witness and accept that darkness, and to remember that if we're seeing it now, it's on its way out of our world.

For those of us who have been holding the space of truth and faith for the world, just continue showing up and observing and working on what's in front of you ❤️ Be kind to those around you, especially those who are struggling, and don't lose yourself in the games others are choosing to play.

Lastly, remember to have fun and hydrate!

✨ Sound Sequence 3 video (on our YT channel)
✨ Quantum K video
✨ Jumping jacks

✨ Wristcutters
✨I Heart Huckabees

TV Shows:
✨ Continuum

*If you choose to watch any of these movies or shows, be sure to watch them in present time and process through any triggers that come up.

Recommended products:
✨ Willard Water, cell salts, coconut carbon activated charcoal

✨ Activations: tech designed to assist to speed up the gaining of self-sourced wisdom
✨ Template Test: whole month given to you energetically over first 5 days of the month
✨ Body Unlock: Body unlock does not mean actualization. It simply means you will be fully unsealed, making the work easier.
✨ JAH: Universal Energy Center for Time
✨ Chaos bubble: a nickname for the chaos reality

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