01 August 2020

Break Away to Break Through ~ Yvania Bartholomeusz ~ 29 July 2020

So beautifully said....

Source: Yvania Bartholomeusz

This passage/time is 'just for you'.
All of this time here has been 'just for you'....ALL of You...not just the personality we identify with.

If you haven't already...break away.
Break away from the noise, the constant bombarding of information... someone else's measurements on what is 'reality' here or what is 'happening' here....

Measurements of someone else's capacity to wield data they receive based on the operating system they have in place.

It might be tools to measure matter or it could be 'spiritual' tools like discernment.
The tools we use to measure anything are only as accurate as the measuring system in place.
The guidance received from the measurements taken, will reflect directly, the operating system used to decipher or decode the 'results'.

Our own measuring system will directly affect the results of the Guidance we each receive.

If we have an operating system in place within our bodies, and the planet, that is running fear, of any kind - the results of any measurements taken - will be the effects of the amount of fear held.

Is the world you live in spiralling into mayhem and utter chaos or is it spiralling into Unity within and for All Humanity?

Is the world you live in still measured by the value placed on money, religion, war, race, authority... beliefs?....all measuring tools of seperation - born from the very bowels of fear.

Or is it a world of Human Beings - who traversed through the bowels of seperation and destruction to birth a New Hope, a New Dawn from the very Womb of Creation?...

A Humanity that broke away to Unite in Love.

Out of the seperation we found Unity.

We break away to find our own measuring system and our own Value.

We break away to FEEL our own operating system.

We break away to FEEL what is our own Guidance.

We break away to KNOW our own operating system.

Take a holiday and break away - just for you - right where you are.
No matter what you are measuring is going on around you - commit to You.

Turn off the noise to turn yourself back on...

Your own Mother Ship, The Full Light of your Soul, has been here awaiting your realisation and arrival home.
An endless stream of Pure Love that Guides and Holds You at ALL times.

From the Full Light of Your Own Soul - Your Mother Ship - ALL is smooth sailing and all ships are United and Gathered as One in this Incredible Epic Journey....
You are never sailing any 'storm' alone...never have been and never will be.
This passage is the greatest gift 'just for you'.

Break Away to Break Through... to All of You.

In Love Allways
Yvania Bartholomeusz ๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŒˆ

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