02 August 2020

EP 20 | 4 Steps to Navigating Reality with the Guidance of Inner Truth (7/27/20) ~ Jessica Delmar ~ 27 July 2020

In this episode, Jessica Delmar talks about the ancient energies that are being released ~ she doesn't specify which ones and I haven't been following her work lately so I don't know what she's covered previously ~ I believe there are so many ancient timelines that we need to heal/are healing ~ but to me, I feel that the Atlantean trauma/power energies are taking centre-stage right now, which I've mentioned in bits and pieces before.

Here's the link to the video.

Jessica relates what's unfolding (exploding!) now with the powerful wormhole that our Solar System is travelling through, resulting in a warped and distorted reality. I found this perspective fascinating. Jessica also talks about our Ascension process in connection with the other Planets as well, using the analogy of Harmonic Resonance (and Cymatics) and its effects on particles eg. sand/water forming geometric patterns as well as Dr Emoto's amazing work. She notes that anything not in harmony with the increasing vibrations will be "pushed out".

Jessica also offers some suggestions for navigating through these times of immense transformation (around 22-minute mark):
  • Experience your reality with non-attachment & non-duality
  • Question everything that shows up for you ~ truth or illusion?
  • Stay in the Now Moment 
  • Move with effortless flow of Divine Unfolding.
There's much more that she talks about in the video.


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"This is the shake up, the storm we have been speaking about. And you must find your way to the center of the storm in order to view the playing out of your reality with a wider lens, perspective, and Frequency of Balance. This means that you must also stretch your ability to be flexible and adapt. Your mind will stretch and you may feel pulled in many different directions. This is the feeling of the movement through a powerful wormhole that you, your collective, planet, and solar system are going through.

Prepare to follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and through Wonderland, where up is down and down is up, and nothing is as it seems. It is simply a physical manifestation of the “stretching” you are experiencing on a greater solar system level to align a greater body. Those able to find the buoy balance center, while maintaining greater perspective of what is happening with the Eyes of Source, will unlock layers of consciousness that was once hidden, opening the human mind to new stages of enlightenment."

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