02 August 2020

July Energy Round Up ~ Tim Whild ~ 1 August 2020

Source: Tim Whild

Hi everyone! It is the 1st August and that can mean only one thing…the Lions Gate is open!
How are you all finding the energies at the moment? As soon as that connection is made to Sirius and the Galactic Core we are lit up with a selection of frequencies that are unique as they are powerful.

Lions Gate has been honoured and celebrated since Atlantean times and with good reason. Over the course of our year we experience many powerful dates including full and new moons, Equinoxes, Solstices and numerous astrological alignments. All of these are powerful, but it is the August energies that are designed to ‘get the job done’.

Since I began working directly with the planetary energies in 2012 each consecutive year has become more intense, but 2017 took the prize with the triggering of the Global Heart Chakra (every soul on the planet).

I remember sitting in my garden on the 22nd August in 2017 just as the gate was closing and being told by Archangel Metatron that 7.6 billion people had their 5th dimensional heart chakra triggered (opened) in that 3-4 weeks!

At the time I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and when he asked me to put the information out, I felt an incredible amount of resistance…how could every soul on Earth have received this when most of them appeared to be asleep?

His answer was simple, he asked me what the first process of a heart awakening was? What happened when people began the journey from the ego to the heart? This immediately gave me the answer that I needed as I know from personal experience that the journey begins with the Dark Night of the Soul.

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