09 September 2020

9:9 ~ Celia Fenn ~ 9 September 2020

Source: Celia Fenn
A portal gateway under the Virgo energy that resonates with the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.
I just love these standing stones from eastern Europe, in the image below (above), that are so obviously figures of Wise Women Earth Guardians.

It is once again time for the Wise Women and Elders ( and Men of course) to rise up and stand for the New Earth.
To become and to be Guardians of the New Earth frequency.

You may feel these powerful frequencies activating through you today as powerful physical feelings such as tingling, buzzing or dizziness,or even "floaty" energy. These are the Diamond Light Codes interacting with your DNA to assist you to align with your Original Human Angelic Template and to live in Joy, Peace and Harmony.

The number 9 always represents Wisdom gained from completing a spiritual cycle. Perhaps today is a good time to contemplate what is completing in your life and what will open up at the 10/10, when new beginnings will be a focus, and the powerful 11/11 (11th November)

Be grateful and express your gratitude for what what you have and experience at this time.

But especially, it. is a good time to stand in your Power as a Free Being, awakened and aware, and choosing to serve the Light and the New Earth. Choosing to be the Light in compassion and kindness, and choosing to be the Diamond Light Bridge that carries awakening souls to the New Earth of Higher Consciousness and Divine Love.

Blessings and Love to everyone on this special day.

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