16 September 2020

Ascension 101 with Tim Whild & Lovisa Alvtörn – Part 6: For Family & Friends ~ 14 September 2020

This is the final part of a series that I had not followed previously. This last episode provides assistance to family and friends of those who are on the awakening path by explaining some of the issues that arise when a loved one goes through the inevitable changes.

When I came across this episode, I thought I would give it a listen to see what's been discussed. I have read/listened to other sources who had also tackled this topic, but to be honest, they generally came across as rather arrogant or dismissive, which I feel don't actually help the situation. This session by Tim and Lovisa was presented with compassion and empathy for the family and friends, who would obviously be in fear when confronted with seeing a loved one change rapidly before their very eyes.

Here's the link for those who are interested for their family and friends. Although I like what they have done in this video, I still can't help but feel that from the perspective of the "other end", it may seem cultish or like some sort of evangelism. An analogy would be a drug addict trying to reassure the family/friends of an addicted loved one why they should not be worried but instead try to accept the situation. Additionally ~ although this wasn't meant in any way to be condescending ~ I think some family/friends may not actually like being labelled as "asleep", as compared with their loved one who is "awake".

That being said, I found this a thoughtful, well-discussed and enlightening session.

If you're interested in the previous episodes, please locate them here.

This special edition of the video series Ascension 101 is directed to all of you who are the bystanders, those of you standing next to someone who is going through a spiritual awakening. You may be wondering what on Earth is happening to your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, your brother or sister, son or daughter, your grandchild, mom or dad, your friend or relative … 
This conversation, this interview with me and Tim is for YOU. This session is the last part of a series of interviews with me Lovisa Alvtörn and ascension expert Tim Whild on the subject Ascension 101. My intention with these videos has been to support those who are just waking up spiritually by going through the most common questions and subjects that tend to come up during the awakening period. 
Tim and I are making this special edition of the series directed to family and friends, hoping to be able to give you some insights and answer some of your questions around what your loved one who is waking up spiritually is going through. Our intention is to help give you a better idea of what this is about, how you can support your friend or family member in this process and also feel calmer and more relaxed yourself as well. 
In this video we talk about many subjects including: 
• Tim and Lovisa – a short introduction of who we are 
• The terms ‘ascension’ and ‘spiritual awakening’ – what do they actually mean? 
• The feeling that your loved one is changing, becoming someone else – what is this process about and is there any need for worry? 
• That this is a process of love, of becoming the best that you can be – for yourself and for others 
• How to support your friend or family member in this process – as it is often not so easy for them either 
• Why it is not possible to go back to how everything was before 
• Losing friends – why and does it have to happen? 
• Why we are assuming that more and more people will be waking up spiritually 
• The idea that we are moving into a new Golden Age on Earth – what do we mean by this? 
• We end the video with a short meditation/visualization for those of you who are up for trying one out that does not include any concepts, spiritual terms or names that you are unfamiliar with. It is called ‘Meditation of Earth, Sky and Heart’. Here you have a chance to just feel into the energies without being distracted by words and concepts that you don't understand fully. 
You will find Tim on https://www.timwhild.com/ and on his Facebook page Tim Whild - Practical Ascension https://www.facebook.com/sunofatlantis 
You will find me through my Facebook group 55 Steps to the Light, inspired by the books by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild: https://www.facebook.com/groups/17659... and on my Facebook Page - partly in my mother tongue Swedish - Min väg mot Ljuset: https://www.facebook.com/55StepsToThe... 
Love & Light Lovisa 

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