16 September 2020

Ascension Symptoms Update ~ Celia Fenn ~ 16 September 2020

Source: Celia Fenn
Ascension Symptoms Update.

As we move towards and into the balancing energies of the Equinox and LIbra Sun, we are still feeling the specific symptoms that have to do with the expansion of the Pineal gland geometries and the Vagus nerve system.

Firstly, the Pineal gland was reconfigured earlier in the year to carry more light and to be more active in the Human Angelic Template. This means that Left Brain/linear dominance is at an end, and the Right Brain is coming online to be the leader in our growth and advancement, together with the Heart.

So you may be feeling dizzy, disoriented and fatigued. Other symptoms are intense anxiety and inability to sleep, or intense fatigue and wanting to sleep all the time, or both. This is a result of the energy swinging a bit erratically as your system tries to balance this new alignment.

Along with this are digestive disturbances, maybe eating too much or being unable to eat, or both. The Vagus nerve travels from the brain and down to the Digestive system, so some imbalances may manifest as digestive disorders.

Also coming up may be emotional energies related to the past, which will often be connected to past lives and are being cleared on a very deep level - present to past in order to align with the future that you are creating in the New Earth Reality/Galactic Reality.

So...be calm and clear and practice self care and rest as you move towards the Equinox. Do not let anxiety and fear take over, but focus on Peace, Harmony and Love in these difficult times.

Love to everyone.