08 September 2020

[Beyond Conscious] Episode #5: Using MD Abilities to Navigate these Chaotic Times ~ Aja Andromeda ~ 7 September 2020 (Streamed Live 12 May 2020)

Link to listen in is here. 

As a Collective, we were in Phase 1 of Unity Consciousness at the time the video was recorded. Aja encourages us to become more Multidimensional in our existence as this will greatly enhance our Life experiences in these transitional times where chaos will continue. Please watch the video for more.


The purpose of this show is to support those of us who have awakened to multidimensional reality and who are ready to claim our next step in human evolution. 

The encouragement and perspectives, both verbally and energetically transmitted during the show, are intended to inspire and encourage you as you engage in the inner tech transfer available from your own Multidimensional Self! ​

​The show airs live at 11am MDT on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. 

Multidimensional U® is a hub for the build out of a New Earth, based in the higher dimensional coordinates of unity consciousness. Our founder, Aja Andromeda, shows up in multiple dimensions, to teach and facilitate personal and planetary healing. 

Learn more at https://www.MultidimensionalU.com 

With LOVE, Aja Andromeda Multidimensional U® 


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