12 September 2020

Earth Intelligence Report: September 2020 ~ Brad Johnson ~ 11 September 2020

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We are indeed our own worst enemies, as stated in this report. When we are split, polarised and  end up battling each other, we are unconsciously fulfilling their dark agendas.

Source: Brad Johnson 
Earth Intelligence Report for September of 2020.

We are the Earth Collective Consciousness speaking through this channel. We shall speak through this channel as it relates to further affairs and events taking place upon the Earth now. There is a conundrum of attempts upon your world at this time which postulates a frantic behavior involving the groups previously associated to your world elitists. Their struggle is becoming far more severe than mentioned previously by us. They have been defeated as their resources that were once at their disposal are now being thinned out. There have been new alliances forming within your common branches of government and authoritative organizations responsible for global surveying and intelligence operations. Specifically, your military and associative branches on military complex levels.

There have been several attacks that have been exchanged back and forth between these former global elitists and these alliances. One could see that there are these frantic global elitists and alliance members that take part in different levels of these governments and organizations and military intelligences together. 

It is known that a full defeat of your global elitists is imminently taking place. There are a multitude of dismantling going on as there are alliance associations between the Eastern and Western worlds that is growing exponentially more and more as time progresses in a short span. Yet these retaliations against the people of the world portray themselves as false media upon your television and digital devices. As well as political campaigns that distort the situation regarding a pandemic as well as protests and riots that are mainly controlled by these failing global elitists, as well as natural disasters that relate to intensifying storms and setting fires. There is also the probability of attempting to impose volcanic activity upon many areas of the world.

It is important that you are made aware of these attempts for they do signify as you would say “biblical prophecies” to be brought into reality by that which is termed “the Book of Revelations.” For many of these disastrous situations are caused through artificial man-made engineering and are not naturally caused. However, these failing global elitists are continuing to lose their grasp as their agendas are quite predictable. There will be further movements made by them that will be intercepted in time. Again, as specified before, these are bait and switch operations taking place. For every move that they make upon the chess board there is a counteracting taking place.

The greatest danger that we foresee upon your planet now is the further retaliation of people versus people. The onslaught of continued disagreement, separation and programming leading to organic retaliation of an internal conflict between the people of the Earth. This is all and all responsible for much of the fear and violence as well as manipulation upon the Earth now. For you yourselves are your own worst enemies. Through the continual division of humanity, this is what is constantly setting you back from resolving these situations caused by what we would term as ‘puppet masters.’ For they coerce many of you. They influence many of you. They hypnotize many of you into the beliefs in pitting men against men, women against women, children against children. And that you are truly battling yourselves. Yet, where there is unification, there is resolution. When you realize that you have been manipulated through what you have valued as “authority” on your planet, you will create the greatest resolve. You will focus on helping each other. As you help each other and work together focusing on the future that you wish to build together in community and compassion, such influences from artificial means of psychology and hypnosis will no longer have an effect on you.

You have given too much power to that which you term as “authority.” This is what is responsible for the corrupt agendas that you are encountering on the Earth right now. When you transcend the delusion of psychotic oriented authority through government and other authoritative means, you will be able to expose such agendas of wrongdoing and aid each other in coming clean and starting fresh as a civilization that has been given a new clean slate of creation.

Few understand this. But those few are enough to make a tidal wave of change. And this has been happening for many years throughout your past that is now culminating into the presence. Those few are responsible for the great shift taking place on your planet now. They have been the ones that have seen past the corruption and have worked strongly to spread this awareness to others that not only possess openness, but great action along with their awakening to what this world has truly become. The awakening has not ceased. For there are more awakening each day. Work together. Come together. Stand together. As you do, you can prevent further attacks, assaults, slander, manipulation, and hypnotic programming from a dying elite. When you accomplish this, a new world shall become so. That is where you are going as the momentum of energy continues to climb in bringing new understanding and resolve to the human race.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report. 

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