10 September 2020

Entering the New Epoch ~ Richard Rudd ~ 9 September 2020

Source: Gene Keys

Entering the new epoch

Richard Rudd speaks with great hope for the future of our species. Describing with empathy the difficulties that often come with inner transformation, he nevertheless urges us to take heart from those who have gone before us.

Using the insights of the 58th Gene Key as a touchstone, he also speaks of the need for a new form of spiritual embodiment in which our collective ancestral karma must be transmuted and transcended before a new dawn can appear. Uplifting and thought-provoking.

From Richard Rudd: 

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We live in interesting times. Vast change is in the air. The importance we modern humans afford time, and our measurement of time passing, is itself a temporary state of affairs. The deeper you move into life, into your body, the less meaning time holds for you.

For me, this new era begins with a single interior focus – the physical body. We are alive in these marvellous forms, these rainbow cloaks we have borrowed from the gods so that we can join the party and move among the people, participating in the drama, in the play. We are poised for a century of unravelling, of deep and continuous surrender, of expanding communion and personal embodiment.

Embodiment is a word I have begun using and contemplating with increasing frequency. It refers to the descending of the currents of higher frequencies into the physical form of your body. As you call upon the forces of Grace and invite them into your life, perhaps the greatest impact they will have is on your physical body. Our physical bodies are really storage facilities for the patterns of collective human karma. The memory of your ancestors and their deeds, both good and bad, is captured and held within the living coils of the DNA helix. As you gradually purify your nature, through right living, through spiritual practise, through compassionate thinking, feeling and action, so you begin to transform all that cellular ancestral memory.

Once you have moved past your own individual karma, then you begin the heavier job of tackling the collective karma. For many of us, this inner work appears a thankless and endless task. No matter how much goodwill and love we bring to bear, the rabbit-hole keeps opening up to deeper and deeper levels of discomfort and transformation. There are flashes of illumination of course, those wonderful fleeting moments of great clarity and love, but always eventually, the karma returns and our process of clearing continues. All this time, throughout each experience and every transmutation, our physical body plays the role of the main stage. Different characters move across the stage weaving various plot-lines between our inner and outer lives, but always the stage remains – that marvellous sacred platform upon which the great cosmic and mundane dramas are enacted.

Take Heart

Patience and perseverance bring vast rewards. We should all take heart from those great beings who have gone before us. If they could transform their humanity into its highest crescendo of light, then we too can do the same. At a certain point we will mark a distinct shift in our progress and in the quality of the drama that moves across our stage. New characters will enter in, with elevated roles that will bring resolution to old conflicts. The balance of karma within the world DNA is shifting. It is shifting on the inner planes, which means that it will still take many generations to manifest on the external planes, but that is not really our concern. Our concern is to catalyse a breakthrough on the internal level. This requires further persistence on our part. We have come this far and most of us have already realised there is no going back now.

One day we will arrive at a huge inner wall. It will seem insurmountable. In some ways, this is like the final push. It’s often the time when the forces are at their most intense, stretched to breaking point. It’s also the time when many people begin feeling the urge to bail out, to escape through the senses back into the outer world and its myriad distractions. And yet we are a generation who is here for this work. We are the way- showers, we are the cosmic plough, furrowing a new channel through the great cosmic loam, and as we turn that rich inner earth and shake those collective Shadows to their core, so we are preparing the tilth, the pasture land for new seeds – seeds from other dimensions, seeds that carry a higher destiny into the DNA of humanity.

One thing is for sure, a new kind of human being is coming into the world. A new Edenic Race. This is a human who operates at a whole other level from the one we know. And this state must break through soon, at least in a small population to begin with. In the feature film, Avatar, we are afforded a view into the New Atlantis, through the eyes of an extra-terrestrial race of beings who live in total harmony with their biosphere. Of course we are that race, and yet our passage back to that awareness cannot go back to a time in the past. We are ever moving forwards, and we will take our breakthroughs and our technology and our many aeons of wisdom with us into that future.

The Avatar is a Divine essence that descends into the form, that causes us to evolve, to stretch, to open our hearts and wings and move beyond the brittle definitions and systems of the mass consciousness.

And our physical bodies are the arena for this great inner transmutation. We are going to have to completely redefine what health is during this 21st century. We still see physical health as something we have to maintain solely from the physical plane, rather than a mirror of our inner state. Physical health is the manifestation of our thinking, our willing and our feeling. Even the alternative movement has not fully grasped how deep physical health truly is. Every thought pattern that plays through our mental body relays a bioelectrical impulse directly into our astral body, our ‘feeling’ body, which in turn translates that impulse down through the etheric meridian network, which finally informs our DNA, and our endocrine system.

Physical vitality is therefore a direct reflection of the subtle inner forces that shape our thinking and feeling. The roots of physical health lie deep in our inner life. This is what embodiment is all about. You have to connect to your source, to ‘The’ source, so that you may then draw sustenance down through the subtle planes and into the fabric of your physical being.

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