11 September 2020

Failure ~ Matt Kahn ~ 10 September 2020

Source: Matt Kahn
Feeling like a failure is not wrong. It’s a natural moment of empathic confusion. When failure arises, it is an opportunity to be in greater communion with the courage required to stay the course on your spiritual journey. Underneath the surface of how personally failure can feel, it is a chance to sense how much of a failure the greater population of the world would feel having taken the bold steps of spiritual expansion you’ve been guided along. 
While you are not separate from the world, you exist as a sneak preview of a deeper inward journey much of the world is still being prepared for. For the majority, an acceptable level of consciousness can be divisive, conditional, fear-based, and externally-dependent. It it often one of many versions of believing: “If I’m not constantly winning, I must be a loser.” While you may be innocently identifying with the fear-based patterning of an unraveling collective view, you are actually healing such patterning to make it safe for larger percentages of the world to trust their gut instinct over the conformity of public opinion. 

Throughout your journey, you may have moments of taking inventory of your life and wondering what all of this amounts to when so many others seem to be thriving, while seeming to be completely asleep. This, in and of itself, are experiences helping you break the seductive spell of unconsciousness, where success often must be objectified or externalized before it can be honored. 
While your growth of success may seem to exist in unseen realms, you are preparing the world for a cosmic shift already taking place. It is where dimensions that have been unseen by so many, now take tangible shape and form to birth a new societal reality that equally supports the desires, livelihoods, and fulfillment of all. 
As your journey continues, it is so important to remember, it’s not your personal failures you are actually sensing. It is the fear and belief in failure you are healing on behalf of a transforming planet. The deeper the wound being healed happens to be, the more likely you will insist it’s yours or somehow relate it to your history of choices. 

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