16 September 2020

Fire... A Taskmaster and a Catalyst for Change ~ Maureen Moss ~ 15 September 2020

A moving and powerful account of Maureen Moss' experience, regardless of the actual cause/source of the fires.

Source: Maureen Moss
Fire... a Taskmaster and a Catalyst for Change.

Beloved Hearts, I have been without words to write about one of the most difficult experiences I have had to date. I like many have been in the midst of the most Historic fires in the history of Oregon.

It started where I live in beautiful, peaceful, nature-filled Ashland, Oregon by an arsonist on a very windy day. The fire chose to go North, away from Ashland after taking 67 homes with it. Once North it decimated town after town from homes to generational small businesses, orchards, farms, life, pets, wildlife and livestock.

It is one thing to watch an out of control blazing fire on television but quite another to live through the experience. It changes you. Amongst other things, it breaks open your heart and takes you so deep inside of yourself to sit and become acutely aware of what is left to transcend.
It teaches you to pray at a whole new level, you come closer to God and it unites you even more deeply with Humanity, Gaia and all of Her Kingdoms. Love and Kindness from the depths of your being Rises, as fires burn.

Already a tight commUnity, showing up in person for the families in need and the animals hiding in the forest became a priority.

As well, the fires became my personal catalyst.

For two full days and nights I could not stop crying. Actually sobbing. On the second night I called forth help because although I know I am a sensitive and had months ago merged my Heart into Oneness with All…which is both Glorious and in times like this deeply painful… there was something more going on than just endless sobbing for so many losses, again.

In stillness and deep in my Heart Presence I inquired of my BEing…what do I need to know? Quickly my Higher Self led me to the many losses I have had in many lives including this one, not yet neutralized. And as always it seems, Yeshua came in and said, and for the many that were in your care in several of your lifetimes. 

I thought I had cleared myself of many of those losses. But I hadn’t. This was deep and lodged in memory, in cell, atom and particle, and in my Soul. This was, as one soul sister said…Meta-physical... and indeed it was.

Realized and Fully Aligned with the clarity I received I got busy doing what I know works for me to clear and neutralize on every level of my Being throughout all time and space what became glaringly clear. Some of it almost magically lifted off of me though still I had a great deal of work to do. And it is a lot of work, in part because our cell memory clings to its desire for familiar dross. I remembered Yeshua telling me that once.

The crying and sobbing stopped, mostly, and with heart still heavy, greater are the days of More Illumination, More Consciousness, More Peace and More Presence.
Everything is a catalyst without exception and opportunity. Yeshua also reminded me Christ Consciousness doesn’t come without the human consciousness going through many initiations, having many faces.

Beloveds, these next three plus months we shall find ourselves face-to-face with many searing Catalysts instigating the further opening of our Hearts and Divine Eyes. And, calling for further release. Be aware Beloveds. Whatever occurs and whatever comes up within, go deep and use it for your Up-Leveling.

As fires continue to calm here and rage further down the road... Love continues to Rise. It feels like a physicalized metaphor for what lies ahead in these coming months.

Take Good Care of Yourself Beloveds and make Love, Courage and Heart Presence your priority. May Grace follow your every foot-step.

With Deep Love and Blessings,

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