12 September 2020

Follow Your HeartMind ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 12 September 2020

How kindly do you speak to yourself?
Source: Nicky Hamid
Someone writes about their confusion, and self-doubt, after hearing someone who apparently was supposed to have greater knowing and experience, say something that did not sit right.
My suggestion is to follow what you resonate with regardless of what anyone else says. This is not to dismiss what they say but if it does not resonate just put it aside.

We are all about discovering our own knowing and following our own inner guidance. It is here you will find the uniqueness of you, and the amazing way you are led to what takes you further, deeper, and in a more expanding sense of yourself. One way you could look at what I am saying is that beliefs and ideas are not so much 'right" or "wrong", but are useful or not useful to your purpose of understanding and expanding consciousness.

Never again put anyone's authority, no matter who they are, above your own knowing (and that includes me). I nor (eg. in5d.com, nor a clairvoyant, etc, etc) nor anyone can know what is best for you.

Precious Soul you are a unique sovereign Being. The only way you can go is Your way. Some will see eye to eye with you, some will not. but is not this one of the beauties of the richness of hUman beings? 

Thus, for example. the delving into and defining spirituality provide something for them at this time. But maybe you have other ideas that are very important for your growth and the deepening of your own Knowing. New ideas can be exhilarating especially when you feel a shift in you, but you decide on what makes sense and leads you further by your own feelings of resonance.

Jesus said. "the Kingdom of Heaven is within".
Follow your Heartmind first. You are the captain of your journey.
Be of Lightheart and have fun in the whole adventure.

I So Love You


PS Each of us is discovering and owning a new identity unfettered by beliefs about who we are not. For this to happen every belief will come up for your scrutiny of your Heart Knowing. There will be many times you will feel that you haven’t a clue who you are. Enjoy the apparent ‘emptiness. It leads to the emergence of more of your natural innocence. You are a most Holy and Radiant Being. 

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