12 September 2020

Group Conformity & Polarised Battles ~ Vaz Sriharan ~ 11 September 2020

Source: Vaz Sriharan
Having emerged from what feels like a different kind of isolation over the past few months, it's been interesting, fascinating, surprising to see the state of the world. I feel like I've been walked into another dimension. Yet the themes feel very familiar. Polarity Battles are being taken to another level. This has always been prophesied as the way towards Unity Consciousness, the poles will polarise before they are integrated. Makes sense.

Group Conformity

There is an interesting element in psychology called Group Conformity. It's where we, by no fault of our own, forgo our own belief systems in favour of the crowd. Some say it is due to our need for belonging. Others say its primal, and has been necessary since tribal times when the Tribe needed to stay together so we developed group consensus to ensure safety of the numbers. We are fascinating creatures!
"When people interact, they end up agreeing, and they make worse decisions - they don’t share information, they share biases" (Daniel Richardson, Social Psychologist, UCL)
We all know this from high school. 
We agree to feel wanted, validated. We share information to appear valuable. Again, nothing wrong with this - its part of our human behaviour we are all trying to become more aware of.
This behaviour is still within us. Life is High School!
In our work places. With our friends. And especially in social media circles, where algorithms regurgitate information that confirm our biases or polarise them (show us the opposite to trigger us) - because the algorithm is based on supporting responses. And people respond best when they react.

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