13 September 2020

In Steadiness is Where the Power Lies ~ Lee Harris ~ 12 September 2020

Source: Lee Harris
I get it - steady is not going to be an easy thing to attain, but the more you can just give yourself short, small moments of steadiness, steadiness is going to power you up.
There's a lot of power in stillness right now, and a lot of power in you feeling steady.
So, even if your life is chaos, see if you can give yourself five minutes a day, five times a day. Set an alarm on your phone or whatever you need to do to try and make sure that happens.
And the steadiness could just be stillness. You could just go out the back door of your house and look at the sky just for five minutes. And you might think, "God, my mind is racing. My mind is racing." Doesn't matter. Just give yourself that five minutes of looking at the sky, mindlessly.
And if you practice that five times a day, you will start to stabilize a little more. You will be able to introduce steadiness to your life.
Steadiness is where the power lies.
- From the September 2020 Energy Update

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