13 September 2020

Isis Initiation: Unlocking Celestial Gates ~ Gigi Young ~ 12 September 2020

Source: Gigi Young
Isis Initiation: Unlocking Celestial Gates

Our planets not only store information, they also resonate at unique frequencies. These frequencies create 'locks' in the aether, or affect the aether in such a way for human consciousness that it can be experienced as a lock, or a gate.

In this way planets, or often combinations of planets, become like a fence, or natural force field, that stops human consciousness from passing through. 

In order to break through these planetary locks, the individual must develop and maintain certain frequencies that correspond directly with the planetary spheres within their being for certain periods of time. To do this is to resolve ones karma and remove chaotic, incoherent tethers that are held within that planetary sphere.

This is the original purpose of initiation, to guide the initiate through these locked gates within the higher realms embodied by the spheres. This integration of the spheres raises our personal frequency allowing us to have a higher capacity for life force energy. 

The proper integration of the celestial bodies, in a specific order, represents our homecoming into the higher densities from which we fell. The order in which we rise through the spheres is the order in which they were formed and the pattern in which they interacted with us, and other celestial bodies, over time. 

Of course, the spheres exist not only in the space, but also inside of us, and each sphere carries a unique story and expression in our soul. This means that although the spheres are external, we must journey through our personal relationship with them to unlock the gates.

The condition of our inner world directly determines which cosmic gates unlock for us and our psychic depth. We are always moving amongst the circuitry of the stars. We are always knocking at the gates of the planets.

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