07 September 2020

Live Q&A (Replay) ~ Gigi Young ~ 6 September 2020

A very long video (took me quite a few sessions to get through), here's the link for anyone who would like to listen in. Gigi Young provides a topic time-marker, which is really helpful.

As you can see from the list, Gigi answered a good number of topics except for the one about Nesara/Gesara. Some that I found interesting included the one about Cern, which she describes as a "treacherous" psychic robot.

Gigi also explained that while Lemuria was a Feminine Age and Atlantis a Masculine Age, we are coming into the Union Age, where both Feminine and Masculine are balanced. She also cautions that both sides/aspects of the Deep State are willing to do whatever they can to wrest control from the other, and that includes the potential of a terrorist false flag that would pave the way for total control over Humanity.

Gigi suggests using 5D techniques to dissipate the potential of mandatory vaccinations from manifesting ~ example visualising a reality where this threat is not present.

Guilt & Shame are the two lowest emotions in terms of vibration, and Humanity has been subjected to tactics that induce these two states to disconnect them from their Soul presence. We need ensure that we don't fall into this trap ~ Gigi points out that our Consciousness likes it when we take responsibility over our own situations.

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