11 September 2020

Mars ~ Celia Fenn ~ 10 September 2020

This is one of several "versions" that I've come across.

 Source: Celia Fenn

Mars is in retrograde...in Aries.
Ascension "symptoms" are intense including weird dreams and inability to sleep.
Mars is in Aries for 6 months, long enough to reveal its past.
Mars is whispering its story to those who are open to their Galactic heritage.
It is a story about the "First Time" when the Elohim created the Twin Planets of Terra, let us call them Terra 1 and Terra 2. Both were designed and created to be lush garden homes for sentient life. We call these Planets "Earth" and "Mars" today.

Then about maybe 20 thousand years ago there was a great cosmic explosion as a far distant star exploded and the shock wave spread out across the Galaxy.
Mars lost its atmosphere and the garden was destroyed.
Earth trembled and faltered.....but then recovered slowly.

All souls from Mars were transferred to Earth (Terra 1) but they carried with them the trauma of losing "home". And as with most unexplored trauma they began to play it out, destroying their new home and threatening its viability.

Archangel Michael says to us that it is now time to heal this deep wound and reclaim our "home" on Earth.

One day we will go back to bring the garden back to Mars.
But for now, we must heal our deep trauma and reclaim the garden on our own Earth.
This is a Cosmic News story for those who are on the path of Star Wisdom. If it does not resonate with you....just let it go!


  1. We came or some did from mars via a stargate and mars was destroyed by the reptilian army.. sooo.. sigh.. we allhave our own version i guess of what happened.

  2. and the portals were re established a few days ago
    To raise the light quotient on earth in preparation for the event wave.

    1. Like you, I'm more in resonance with the invasion version rather than this one, which is why I made that pre-post comment. So glad to hear that the Portals have been re-established! Thanks Lorain, many Blessings!