08 September 2020

ONLY Love Works ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 7 September 2020

Stop trying to fit in....when you were born to STAND OUT
Source: Nicky Hamid

There is no energy to support the old matrix and so you are seeing it collapsing.

People can no longer sustain the unkind lies that they have accepted and they will continually arise within them until they are transmuted by the True Love of SELF.

Thus the chaos (insanity) in the world of human affairs. A giant vortex within and without drawing everything not of Love back into the "Mix".

Let go and allow. Laugh and cry and have fun.
This IS Loving and Trusting Yourself.

So it is not about doing anything in particular. It is about BEING Love.

This world we are living in right now has a fifth dimensional underpinning without a veil.
As such ONLY Love works. So waking up is waking up to your own Lovingness.

Then the whole NEW world begins to reveal itself.
Shine On

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