10 September 2020

Right Choices ~ Matt Kahn ~ 9 September 2020

Source: Matt Kahn
It is impossible for you to be in your own way. This makes it even more improbable that you can ever get out of your own way, since you are incapable of blocking you. You cannot be in your own way because you are not separate from yourself to be any form of obstacle. If you believe you are capable of this, please take the next minute and try as hard as you can to block yourself from blinking, breathing, or standing up. 

While you are responsible for how you perceive each moment, no outcome or circumstance occurs due to you being in your own way. It is simply a matter of divine timing where everything happens as its supposed to occur, while you have the right to interpret why things happen in any way you decide. If the reasons why you believe things have happened don’t feel very empowering, it might just be your inner guidance letting you know the quality of that idea. If yearning for a fool-proof reason as to why anything unfolds, always remember: “Things happen when they do. Not when they don’t. Always give each moment your best most heart-centered effort and eventually, the right choices align with the moment it was all meant to be.” 

So before anything can successfully help you get out of your own way, first try blocking yourself. May the laughter that follows liberate you from judging what is the will of Universal perfection remembering itself as you. 

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