10 September 2020

Seeing Possibilities ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 9 September 2020

As Nicky Hamid says, we are where we need to be. I believe this more than ever before.

Source: Nicky Hamid
My Intention for You.
May you see before you an open door. As you look through may you see a brilliant light of amazing possibilities.
May you feel the excitement and know the expectation of benevolent surprises untold.
And with love in your heart, may you step through the stargate of Knowing and Loving.

Thankyou for being a part of the amazing human family. 7 billion+ points of view or places we are viewing from in this New Earth WE are creating.

How could anyone predict the path that our combined heart songs will lay before us, but I can guarantee you it is to be magnificent.

Can you feel it? Can you feel that, despite all appearances to the contrary, there is a rising in the people in your vicinity. Something big and beautiful "is goin down".

Slightly spooky for some, a bit scary for others because it is unknown but there is a definite hint of overarching Benevolence.

Hold out your hand in loving kindness whenever you can, so that the other will be reassured of their safety by your steadfast Shining.

Shine On Beautiful People.
I So Love You
PS And someone writes of the trials and tribulations of living in the US. Of the insane farce that is playing itself out now. If I lived in the US I would feel a lot more pressure. 

WE sense it here where we are in other parts of our world but there are panic stations much more prevalent there because it is where the old and the New are meeting head on. Or better head to heart.

There is a Great Plan and each and every one of us is in the right place at the right time, in the right way. Each one of us is here to choose constantly to Shine our light on fear and judgement. Fear and judgement on ourselves no matter how big or small. 

It takes BIG HEARTS to dissolve small minds, first in ourselves and then we see miraculously that is in growing in the Collective, so hang in their my lovelies. We are all in it together and we have already Lighted up the “battlefield” and discovered that there is no war, no trenches, no bomb holes. Just an amazing field of flowers of possibility and great circles of people dancing in the sunlight with warm breezes caressing their bodies.

So Sweet Friends I cry my tears of Love and Compassion to mingle with yours and I know as you do, that "this too will pass". ..........Peekaboo I See YOU. 

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