11 September 2020

Shine On ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 11 September 2020

We need to be reminded of this every now and then....

Source: Nicky Hamid

A Lightworker is simply someone who Shines their Light in their life as they find it.
Full stop.

We are all going through this Consciousness Shift. It is magnificient, and it is confusing, and it is demanding, and it is tiring, and it is exciting.

There is no need to keep scaring yourself no matter what APPEARS to be out here.
Get over it and stop being so dramatic and self-absorbed.

Social media generally and FB in particular Love to get you to be dramatic.
Stop compromising your better discernment in order to be notice.

Just be Yourself and
Shine On

I So Love You


Please use your discernment. While we all have to make a living be very aware that many are being sucked in by the advertising fraternity on social media promising prosperity at the expense of your own integrity.

A lightworker does not TRY to stand out and therefore stands out.

The Light is always there within you. Be in your heart and it radiates in and through everything. Sing your song and that light calls to itself and brings it out everywhere. In truth people are seeking the Light. They will find you.

The Universe, SOURCE Knows who you are.

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