09 September 2020

Silence ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 8 September 2020

God's language is Silence~everything else is a translation of Love
Source: Nicky Hamid
A Tool for the Language of your Heart

In so many ways we were fed knowingly and unknowing unkind lies. The untruths that imply, you as lesser, victim, lacking, ignorant, and unworthy and you have subtly accepted these things and they became your thoughts, beliefs and reflected in the words you speak. These lies are also still present embedded in many of the New Age teachings still being advocated and yet are well past their “used by date. 

Go to your Heart and use your own discernment

It is time for you to find your own meaning for things by taking words into your heart and feeling what they are for you. What they do to disempower you. What gives you a feeling of “more” and what speaks of “less” in yourself or others.

And the meaning will change each time you go deeper within into “felt meaning” and
do this. 

You are the Master. Google them for a sense if you feel you need a total refining of an old worn out word or beliefs. There are codes of Truth hidden within them.

Do this especially for the sayings you use to bring you to positive but no longer hold the power of Truth that you now feel in a richer expanded Knowing.

Here are just a few for starters. “Religion”- comes from the Latin word “religare” which means ”to bind”. And so your religion is how and what you make your connection to. Same root meaning as “yoga” union).

"Sin' simply means "off the mark". So it is not about wrongdoing, it is about alignment, aiming straighter.
“Forgive” to “for the giving”
“Imagining” to “Imaging in”

You liberate yourself by freeing up the truth of your knowing from all the prejudices and judgements you have knowingly and unknowingly accepted.

Things you say automatically that you think are positive in the new light of your contemplation may hold seeds of holding you back.

Do this in a playful open way, no judgement. An “oops” feels much better than an “ugh”, as does a “oh I see” rather than an “oh no”.

Bring yourself back to the simplicity you came with in the first place.

I So Love You


We can and have been so unkind and limiting on ourselves through habits of speech. You are the Master of your words so make yours an art in feelings. Do it with a sense of play and self-discovery and without being overly self-conscious and definitely not self-critical and judgemental.

And never forget that the Language of LOVE (GOD) is embedded in the Trust of your Profound Silence.  

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