15 September 2020

Spaceship? Flying saucer? UFO? Altocumulus lenticularis ~ Kate Doyle ~ 9 September 2020

This UFO-like phenomena was sighted multiple times across eastern Melbourne.(Supplied: Dale Madison)
This image went viral last week, and I had forgotten all about it in the week that was, and what a week it has been in a year that seems to keep dishing out more and more, each time with increasing omg-factor levels. I was reminded of it when a Beautiful Soul sent it to me, so here it is, from the current inflamed epicentre of Australia.

Source: ABC

What caused the mysterious spaceship-like cloud that loomed over Melbourne as dawn broke on Tuesday morning? 

Video producer Sue Roberts was quick to get her camera out when she saw the strange formation out of her window.

"It was about 6:30 and I just saw the most amazing light in the sky," she said.
Amid the dawn glow she saw a "really odd-looking" cloud just above the horizon.
The weird thing was it didn't seem to change. 

"It was just sitting there for ages and I was curious to know what type of cloud it was." 

Ms Roberts wasn't the only one. Reports of the odd cloud came in from across eastern Melbourne.

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