15 September 2020

Suffering ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 14 September 2020

Suffering/Martyrdom has been glamourised to the extent that I come across many articles, memes or "guidance" that encourage wearing it like a merit badge. So I'm always very glad when Wayshowers advocate the opposite.

Source: Nicky Hamid

New Ways of Being IXX

When you are fully awakened it will be impossible for you to have a victim and aggressor in your reality. All victim/perpetrator reactions are at an unconscious, unawakened, illiusionary level (in duality and separation consciousness).

Your suffering was your hanging on to the thought/pain loops. This has been done even with beliefs that my suffering has taught me so much and thus “no pain no gain”. In these hidden beliefs there is the implication that I will continue to suffer in order to learn more. Even spoken in jest they still have an electric charge. So there are subtle ignitions and attachments to suffering.
The whole idea of karma and “payback” is a perpetuation of this.

Did you really come to 3rd dimensional reality in order to learn by suffering? Does darkness necessarily mean “hell” or negativity? Was it a prerequisite that you experience it that way?
I don’t think so. There is no place, space or time for suffering or the victim/aggressor cycle in these New Energies we are now blending from Soul Being into HUmanness.

You cannot take one iota of old beliefs of your powerlessness and fear into “5th dimensional Beingness” and beyond. It is just not present there (levels of consciousness).

To have such a cycle you have to be asleep to who You Are. The reality of someone having power over another just cannot function because it does not exist in an awakened person.

You are going beyond it. You are taking back You POWER of GOD SOURCE You ARE.

You are making the Shift, you are turning around and turning up to every moment, every Holy, Sacred Moment and Momentum, and it is a matter of letting go of all the judgements and allowing yourself to fully acknowledge your shift into higher Light, your Divine and Eternal connectedness, the Love that You are..

If someone has not finished with their learning with this cycle then they will to reincarnate in another world reality momentum to complete the experience of their Soul choice.

Fear, and a sense of unworthiness is just not compatible in your awakening state.

True DARK has no “sting”. It is simply an opportunity to bring the Light of GOD that You are back into your all pervading awareness.

I So Love You

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