13 September 2020

The Benefits of Having a Balanced Soul Star Chakra ~ Kō B'a Jã ~ 12 September 2020

Source: International Koalition of Krones
The Soul Star Chakra, also known as the Seat of the Soul, is located about a foot (12 inches) above our head. It lies above the Crown Chakra or 7th chakra. It is usually white and gold in colour.

The Soul Star Chakra is our connection or gateway to the broader universe, or “all that there is.” It is the seat of our subconscious mind. Because both the Soul Star and Crown Chakras relate to spiritual connection there is some confusion about what is each chakra’s specific purpose and how they differ.

The Crown Chakra represents our individual or ego-based relation to spirit and the cosmic universe. From the Crown Chakra perspective, we see ourselves as separate entities and through the crown we connect and receive guidance.

In contrast, the Soul Star Chakra is the fusion of the spiritual dualism of life on earth (us as apparent and distinct individuals) with the spiritual oneness where we recognise that there is no separate self, but rather only one universal consciousness.

Because of this, the Soul Star Chakra is seen as our connection to our “higher self.” Our higher self is what some would refer to as our “real self,” “true self” or the “knowing self.”

The Soul Star chakra is developed in all beings before incarnation but is not always opened and functional in physical existence.

When our Soul Star Chakra is balanced we have a clear sense of purpose and why we have chosen this incarnation.

As we work with our higher self and our spirit guides, we may learn why we are here, and why we were born at this time. Many of us who have come onto the earth have a definite purpose.
Although some of us may not know yet what our purpose is, once we work with the high vibration transpersonal chakras, we may gain the knowledge about why we have incarnated.

Balancing the Soul Star Chakra brings us a deeper connection with the UNSEEN WORLD. As we, the collective ascend and expand in our consciousness, we will soon come to realise and discern what is true to our soul about reality as a whole.

This chakra is a lot about the idea of 'letting go'. It relates to allowing the Divine light of Spirit, and the white ray to fill your life and this energy encourages you to let go of old attitudes that may otherwise have held you back in your current life. Once you have begun the process of connecting your soul to your conscious mind, you may access to karmic memories.

Once the Soul Star Chakra is opened and functioning, instant manifestation as a true Creator will begin. Balancing this chakra will facilitate soul progression. This will enable you to move forward lighter with an increased vibration.

Some of the crystals that are advantageous to use to activate this chakra are high vibrational crystals, which can be powerful for bringing enlightenment and amazing spiritual development. My favourite high vibrational crystal to use on the Soul Star Chakra is Apophyllite. Apophyllite will assist you in healing and releasing anything that stands in the way of spiraling into your greatest self. It offers emotional healing and purification through ascension and connection to Source energy. Additionally, it serves as a doorway to other dimensions.

Among other minerals that you can also use are Ametrine, Selenite, Lemurian Crystal, Celestite, Golden Obsidian, Rhodonite, Pyrite, and Fossils (like Amber or Petrified wood).

By intentionally doing things that enable your Soul Star Chakra to come into alignment and to open, you will be stepping into your life purpose and by doing so, into alignment with divine purpose within the universe at large. 
Gy' Shé em.
Krone Kō B'a Jã
International Koalition of Krones  

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