13 September 2020

The Expanded You ~ Lee Harris ~ 12 September 2020

 There are many in society who love being around generators of Heart and Light

Source: Lee Harris
The expanded self is so often stopped because of relationships and relationship energies.
There are so many times where we modify what we want to say, censor what we need to say because we don't listen as strongly to our own inner impulse as we do to the receiving ability of the person in front of us. And that's okay, we don't have to force ourselves on others.
But what you can understand is that if you remain in some of the relationships and the relationship patterns you are in and you don't consciously chose to move them, it gets difficult.
So the trick is to allow yourself to fully be yourself without fear of isolation.
We are programmed to connect and to be tribal. People need each other to survive.
So the reason that people often suffer through difficult relationships is because of the survival instinct and the tribal instinct. And this is one of the biggest barriers to allowing the expanded you. 

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