13 September 2020

The Phoenix

The world is very challenging to look at currently. Fires blazing, violence erupting, anger raging.... we are like a massive, feverish inferno burning, literally and figuratively. All this amidst a backdrop of division across the spectrum ~ racial, religious, political, national, social, cultural.

Like a Phoenix rising up from the ashes. This phrase has been used several times to describe the birth of our New Reality. Stephanie South just wrote about it (Phoenix from the Flames) and I  have also done so a couple of times, having seen visions of said Beings, and even seen Cloud formations depicting them (image above).

What I seem to not have grasped until now is that for "Ashes" to form, there must be great destruction through Fire. That phrase requires adequate comprehension to sufficiently appreciate the gravity of its implications.

During such times when I don't know what else to do to help in some way, no matter how tiny the gesture, I resort to visualising the situation bathed in brilliant Diamond-Gold Light. It's come to the stage where I just envision the entire World flooded in Light.

May the Phoenix's ascent from the Ashes be as swift as possible. We definitely need The Age of Aquarius bearing Holy Water to bring equilibrium to the Fires of Transformation!

Namaste and Bright Blessings!


  1. The time of the fires closest to me here in California (mid-August) has been very transformative. This past spring and summer (here in the US, obviously) was full of me focusing on my center.
    During the week leading up to the start of the fire closest to me (a week after Lion's Gate) out of my center a tree began sprouting and growing.
    The week following the start of the fire focus on my center would lead me up the tree, which had quickly grown to be humongous.
    The pinnacle of the process was when I was lifted past a veil I had been feeling above my head for that past two weeks. It was as if it were made of gold-colored, clear plastic. So that when I moved up into it (but not through or past it), the very heightened perspective I then had high above the surface of the Earth made everything tinted gold.
    (I'll add here that it reminded me of a painting I'd made a few months earlier of three concentric egg shapes. The center was "3D", the next out was the void of "4D", then a golden layer, then flames, then the beginning of the creation of "5D." I didn't know at the time what any of it particularly meant. Still learning now too. Interesting though the gold layer and then fire flames!).
    My most recent focus has included reminding myself that I am the Creator of all, including this current birthing process, the thought of which always seems to lift and lighten me. Just last night I noticed a feeling of being lifted above it all, specifically the layer of smoke (and ASHES falling here too!). It was all still there below me and I was just relaxing above it all. Anyway, sorry to ramble, but I am enjoying feeling in to how it relates to the phoenix rising from the ashes and a world bathed in golden light that you are pointing out here!

  2. I just had another ramble, I mean, visual, haha...I saw that all of the growing chaos in the world seems to heighten my overall Awareness, which is ultimately always larger than the chaos itself and therefore rises along with it. Almost like the chaos is a mountain, quickly growing to a narrow pinnacle point. And as I stay that Awareness, external observer, then I am rising higher and higher along with the growing chaos mountain and closely above it. So, the greater the chaos gets, the higher I rise (not that I am necessarily trying to request more chaos here, haha).
    It is the same as what my personal ego has done for me. It is the catalyst that has forced me to rise to greater heights and led me to greater expansion. Like a seemingly ferocious dog that seemingly chases me towards the gates of Heaven. In the end I can only be grateful for that dog, that chaos, that monster that in the end of the movie turns out to have been my best friend and biggest ally all along! It played its part, acted its role so well! When I have those realizations, I always picture the dog or monster or mountain to have a smirk on its face as it walks away satisfied at the amazing role and job it's played in my journey.

    1. Keep on rambling, Emily! 😁 I love your visuals, they are so powerful! Thank you for taking the time and effort to write them out.

      I did take note of the "flames" and "gold" bits as I read the first part. I've heard so many accounts of visuals or Synchronicities around the chaos that are are remarkable in content and symbolism!

      Your second visual is literally like transcending the chaos, and you have such an enlightened view of the personal ego (and its counterpart dog/monster) as being your best friend and biggest ally.

      May you be safe, Emily. I can't imagine what it must be like ~ that part about the ashes falling....!! I send you many Blessings and much Love. Take care, you really are an amazing Soul!!