15 September 2020

The Pulse: 15-20 September 2020~ Gene Key 6: Conflict | Diplomacy | Peace ~ Richard Rudd

The physical body has a natural tidal rhythm
Source: Gene Keys
The Pulse – 15 Sept to 20 Sept – The 6th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Conflict to the Siddhi of Peace and it is the Way of Diplomacy

The Path to Peace

'Each person has their own unique sleep patterns. Many people in our modern lifestyle suffer from lack of sleep or disturbed sleep patterns. Contemplation can resolve such difficulties through attuning us to our own natural body clock. The physical body, being mostly liquid, has a natural tidal rhythm. Most people are unaware of it. Each time you pause, you give yourself an opportunity to settle into that deep inner pulse. The intracellular fluid that washes in and out of the cells of our body is endlessly pulsing and flowing. If you were able to listen inwardly to the sound of this process it might sound similar to the waves purling gently on a beach.

Contemplation aims to tune our whole body, emotions and mind to these softly soothing rhythms. Our sense of inner and outer timing changes. We find ourselves more often at the right place at the right time. It is fascinating to observe how our body clock changes as we refine our contemplative practise. Sometimes you may find yourself waking spontaneously in the night, enveloped by a beautiful state of peacefulness which you can deepen through conscious contemplation until you naturally fall back to sleep. Often when you awake the next day, the same feeling of serenity will follow you into your day. Many are the mysteries that come through the Art of Contemplation'.- excerpt from the Art of Contemplation
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