09 September 2020

The Pulse: 9-14 September 2020 ~ GK 47: Oppression | Transmutation | Transfiguration ~ Richard Rudd

Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 9 Sept to 14 Sept – The 47th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Oppression to the Siddhi of Transfiguration and it is the Way of Transmutation

Transmuting the Past

At a certain stage, contemplation gives way to absorption. When this stage is reached, we know. Our whole frequency begins to move into another realm. The intensity remains, but our life becomes at the same time softer, quieter, and our effort begins to drop away. The Transfiguration actually begins at the higher reaches of the Gift frequency, as our aura enters the state of Absorption.

Excerpt from 64 Ways

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