12 September 2020

The Return Of The Gold And Silver Planes To Earth ~ Asur'Ana ~ 11 September 2020 / 2019

Our legends, myths, cultures, traditions, religions and social conditioning have propagated martyrdom as an honour. Time to let that big fat lie ~ like so many other big fat lies ~ go.

Please note that Asur'Ana considers Jesus as independent of Sananda, who she sees as having negative influence. Asur'Ana also writes about the prevalence of "mechanised governance" ~ this is something that I see greatly influencing the Spiritual community, with some high-profile information having a predominantly AI frequency. This article also provides a probable reason why beings who exhibit questionable behaviour are sometimes deemed as "Light", and why the Spiritual community is in such a dichotomous inside-out situation.

Asur'Ana also continues elaborating upon our beyond-convoluted Human & Galactic History, this time focussing on the Whale & Dolphin species.

Source: Aligning With Earth

The gold and silver mirror planes have been re-anchored upon Earth. What does this mean? Once and long ago, gold and silver held the elements of air, water, fire and earth in a cohesive manner founded upon non-conditional love for the purposes of creating form in the third dimension and upon Earth. Over time, the gold and silver planes were removed leaving only shadow planes in exchange. The gold and silver planes have been recently restored around Earth’s global field due to Earth’s global ascension. The return of gold and silver to Earth is equivalent to the return of the love of the Tao to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The karma for the loss of these planes is extensive and has been released in recent months augmenting the return of these beautiful vibrational bandwidths to Earth. Long ago, humans were seeded upon Earth. Such humans shared in the golden and silver planes through the ongoing exchange of such energies between the etheric body, chakra system and subtle bodies of the field and form. Alas, forces of the dark incarnate upon Sirius stripped the gold and silver planes from Earth, moving them to Sirius A and B through the very humans that they seeded. This left only shadow planes for both humans and all species upon Earth to dance within. Each initiate may wish to take the time now to release the karma for human participation in the loss of love and the gold and silver planes upon Earth.

What does dancing in the shadow equate to? Without the gold and silver vibrations, vision becomes impaired, as there is less light available to perceive into the truth of the matter. It is in the loss of vision that one loses one’s way, makes the wrong decisions that lead to falls in consciousness rather than ascension, or is conned by forces of the dark into doing one thing, anticipating a particular result only to discover only too late that the opposite would occur and one made the wrong choice. It is the dance of the shadow planes that augmented the many falls in consciousness of the Earth over the past 200,000 years of human involvement.

Splitting of Light and Dark
Why would Sirius do such a thing as removing the golden and silver planes from Earth? Sirius took the gold and silver tones of creation from Earth to fuel their own ascent to the next dimension. Up until Earth’s ascent, which is really more of a resurrection at this time of that which has decayed into healthy enough living cells to begin the ascent to the next dimension, the only form of ascension available to your creation has resulted in a split in light and dark.

Splitting light and dark equates to all of the gold and silver vibrations along with grid work, chi, moving energy systems and information going to the star or planet destined to ascend, and all of the shadow and darkness along with karma from such a planet or star deferred to the planet or star destined not to ascend. This is ultimately the plight of Earth; Earth gave up her golden and silver planes to Sirius and absorbed Sirian darkness to augment Sirian ascension, and is one of 8 planets that did so in your creation.

Each of these 8 planets also have suffered a fall in consciousness not unlike Earth, however Earth’s fall is by far the worst as it includes the embracing of destructive thoughtform that has led to aging, illness, death, deformity, and a shortened lifespan for all species including humankind. None of the other 8 planets that absorbed a portion of Sirian darkness have suffered as greatly as Earth. For Earth sacrificed her love and light for Sirius much as human martyrs have sacrificed themselves for this individual or that cause.

Each reading this material may utilize the return of the gold and silver planes to examine one’s own thoughtform for being the martyr. Ultimately, the choice to be the martyr and sacrifice oneself is what underlies all experiences of disease, and this is the year to release all disease karma so that a new regenerative pattern can be anchored for humankind and all species upon Earth through the ascending map makers.

Through the map making of her global ascent, Earth has learned many things. The records from ascending species reveal many truths about the current state of affairs that shed light upon why so many other creations much like Earth have gone extinct over time. Such extinct creations also sacrificed themselves for the ascent of another and more or less played the role of a martyr. The Tao estimates that over 8 billion planets and stars not unlike Earth and your solar sun have gone extinct in this dance and over such a long time period that our current measures are inadequate to estimate how long this dance has occurred and recurred.

The Dara Soul Group examined eight “All That Is” that surround the All That Is that your creation is a part. Each of these entire creations of 180,000 dimensions of life has likewise gone extinct. At this time, the All That Is that Earth is related to is dying. Earth’s ascent will begin to reverse this so that it too may ultimately resurrect and ascend Home to the Tao. Dara compiled many records that the Tao has been reviewing since his/her descent upon Earth. The Tao validates Dara’s findings and will augment this information with a larger picture of understanding for all species upon Earth and within your creation to bring to consciousness.

Earth too would have only the possibility of global extinction if she were not to ascend. Through the choice to ascend, and in the intervention of God Goddess/All That is that we call now the Tao, it is understood that the requirement for any creation to become extinct to augment the ascension of another is a vast non-truth that has been perpetuated for the purposes of the retention of certain lawless souls in dominion over creation.

Such lawless souls trap other souls in the continued dance of lawlessness through extinction. Such souls furthermore tear apart creation, sending the moving energy systems of that which has gone extinct to other places that they prefer to dance within. This sustains a love and light only dance elsewhere while many souls and creations such as Earth suffer greatly in the pain that extinction inflicts upon all involved in such a dance.

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  1. The Energy in the postings of this entity concerns me greatly. There is something dark and almost hypnotic hidden within the words that are presented. This has concerned me with previous such postings and I can no longer refrain from commenting.