16 September 2020

The Sacred Truth of You ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 16

To be Humble is to Know that every step you take toward the One,
that Oneness takes towards the Sacred Truth of You

Love this. I'm not a fan of "one specific way".

Source: Nicky Hamid 

Do whatever it takes to get into your own sacredness.

Make up your own recipe of “spiritual” practice, practice that leads you into deeper feeling and Knowing of your own Sacred Space of Heart.

It may be meditation, chanting, essential oils, crystals or anything at all that helps get you to this feeling. It can be your own recipe or ‘ritual’, just so long as it helps you feel your aligning to YOU, bringing you to a comfort of being with yourself and feeling your connection with Oneness (ALL THAT IS).

Be prepared and willing to change or modify, freshen up your practices frequently.

If what you have been doing does not do it for you then review and change, experiment, discard and explore. What works beautifully for others may not for you. Take the ‘bits’ that do and create your own “practice’. There is no ‘right way” except that which gives you real experience, a deepening of feeling. of your Sacred Divinity. Whatever works for you works for you.

You are the Knower and there are 1000s of tools and their combinations to choose from. And there could be 7+ billion ways to develop a relationship with OUR Source. Yours is unique.
It is all a about the Feeling. Of the Preciousness and Sacredness of Life, and of who you Are.

You have to extend a full invitation to the Divine in you for a totally committed personal engagement to get yourself into your own Sacred Space (Home).

Make being in your Sacred Place, and making your connection, a priority in your life. You will not regret it.

You are Divine and you are HUMan, bring them together.

I So Love You


PS I know I have said it before but it must have taken a “million” times for me to get it and discover the indescribable and ever expanding Beauty and Joy of the Knowing who and what I Truly am. And it is my experience that the “practice‘ becomes deceptively simple, easy, joyful and profound as my Lovingness of Being me takes over.

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