14 September 2020

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 13 September 2020

This was also explained several years ago by Tobias/Adamus as Spirit descending (downward triangle) and Human ascending (upward triangle).

Source: Amanda Lorence


Activated in our Current Timeline:
The energetic triangular merge (Trinity pointing downwards) between Mother Earth and the Human Heart (Trinity pointing upwards) is made. The two Trinities of energy merge to create the four sided Diamond Light that is gifted to the human heart. Gaia and human become known in human conscious awareness, as ONE consciousness. 

To explain:
During our ascension process one Trinity becomes activated within our heart-space. Facing upwards.
A second Trinity, facing downwards, is released from Mother Earth that is energetically moved up our body to rest at our heart location, joining our own Trinity.
The two join, creating a four sided and activated Diamond Lighted Heart-space.
Mother Earth and Human become merged.
They always were ONE BODY. The human just experienced being separated from Gaia. Until the Diamond Light is activated by this merge of the two Trinities.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
13 Sept 2020

(a solo Tor visit today with energy work) 

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