16 September 2020

True Happiness ~ Matt Kahn ~ 15 September 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

When not waiting for static outcomes to arrive at your doorstep, you are able to meet the Universe directly.

In the absence of no longer insisting what needs to change in order to be happy, you allow the immaculate grace of Divine timing to show you a true depth of happiness. It is nothing more than being so fulfilled in your own presence and power that nothing else is needed, no matter the wants that come and go.

The irony is, you’ve always known happiness to be the ultimate satisfier, perhaps getting it confused with an imagined level of fulfillment you hoped some other person, place, or thing could offer you.

True happiness is not being bigger than desire or pretending you don’t want the experiences being craved. It is simply a remembrance of your eternal wholeness that allows desires to freely come and go, and whether fulfilled or not, your life purpose, self-worth, or inner value never remains in question. It is from this point forward that you become the embodied law of universal attraction and no longer the insatiable hunger of an attractor trying to figure out the law.

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