16 September 2020

Visionary Activism ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 September 2020

Visionary activism is about to get really strong
Source: Lee Harris
Over the next year or two, visionary activism is going to get really strong.
And what's good about that is it means that your activism is going to be far more effective. 

So rather than being in response or reaction to that which you need to fight in order to bring a different solution, you're going to have some downloads about different ways to do things.
Different ways to be an activist, different energetic approaches, and different strategic approaches. And that's really important because you can't fight fire with fire. You need to do something different. 

- The activists of the planet are about to become more visionary and that energy is going to be dropping in over the coming months and year. So it's a good thing.

- From the September 2020 Energy Update

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