08 September 2020

You Come from the Stars ~ Lee Harris ~ 7 September 2020

Source: Lee Harris
The reason so many people, systems, places are destabilizing is because it is time for an energetic upgrade. ⁣

There are parts of the planet that are being destroyed or jeopardized in ways that are not good for any of you. ⁣

And this is the time that there is a call to action and a call of awareness, and it is spreading across your planet rapidly. ⁣

There are those who can only be in panic, fear or confusion about those changes, and then there are those of you listening, who are here to be part of the solution - to lead and pioneer new roads on Earth.⁣

We do understand that when talk of environmental shifts come up, in most human bodies and minds there is fear. ⁣

But we would like to remind you all that you came from the stars and that is where you will return. And this planet and its life cycles are not going anywhere. ⁣

Humanity is going to change and adapt in the decades you will see to come but humanity is also not going anywhere.⁣

- From Alchemize Your Purpose MP3⁣

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