30 October 2020

Pam Gregory Update ~ 30 October 2020

Source: Pam Gregory

#astrology Tomorrow we have a Full Moon at 8°38' Taurus, conjunct Uranus (3' orb). This symbolism is clearly eruptive, sudden, unexpected and volatile energy, so it was easy to predict that earthquakes and volcanoes may erupt at this time. Sadly, that has just happened in Turkey and Greece with a very large 7.0 magnitude earthquake; let us pray that there are no fatalities or injuries in this unfolding situation.
There are also political earthquakes unfolding, and many of you will be aware of these, especially as the US election is only a few days away on 3rd November, and Mercury remains retrograde until then. 
Uranus is also the planet of truth, and we are seeing waves of disclosure happening now that will continue for the rest of the year and through 2021 too, they will keep rolling. Expect more shocks to emerge over this weekend, although they may not be widely reported of course.
Another expression of this Full Moon in Taurus with Uranus in almost exact conjunction is to shake us up from routine, staleness, or where our lives have become very predictable. It encourages to break out of these patterns and although for some of us that may be difficult to do because of lockdowns, we are still able to use our minds and our perceptions to change our patterns. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, so Mercury tends to deal with more day-to-day concerns of e-mails, list-making, conversations with friends, neighbours and siblings, and daily coming and going. Uranus however is connected to the superconscious, to a higher state of cognition and knowing, such as the downloads and insights that many of us are experiencing. 
The more we live in the present moment (also connected to Uranus), and use our spiritual practice to access this space, the more we are likely to feel the power of Uranus in our lives. This can help to not only raise your consciousness to live at this level, but re-orientate your perception of reality.
Mercury at 27° Libra is almost exactly conjunct the dwarf planet Haumea, linked to a quantum view of how reality is formed, and operating in a magic zone of instant manifestation. This is where our cognitive abilities are heading over the coming months and years.
Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and so we are getting another glimpse of this energy as we move towards the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in this sign in December. This is about collaboration, community, sharing, and a strong sense of global community digitally and spiritually. We are all in this great transition together, and we are powerful when we act as one global community.

November 2020: Card #3 | Andromeda (Parallel) | Change ~ Germane & Lyssa Royal ~ 29 October 2020

Source: Lyssa Royal

Card of the Month for November 2020!
Card #3 | Andromeda (Parallel) | Change
The cards of the last few months, while chosen randomly, are certainly sequential. They are mapping out a path that is being taken by your mass consciousness. This path may lead you through some metaphorical dark forests in which you cannot see where you are going. While you travel through this darkness, uncertainty and fear seem to grow. This is a natural process but it is hard to remember that idea when you are in the middle of it. Thus, we remind you again.
In the text for last month’s card (#55 Fusion and Magic, Orion), we discussed the critical evolutionary process your planet is now experiencing and how your transformation can be activated. We spoke of a renaissance in consciousness that can happen if your society allows it. In order for that renaissance to happen, individuals must be willing to let go of all they believe to be true. We are not talking about exchanging one belief for another, which is just a way to bounce back and forth between opposite poles. We are actually talking about a state in which one becomes willing to let it all go – the beliefs, the stories built to support those beliefs, and the habits that are used to keep the beliefs intact. 
What happens when you do this? Last month we referred to “floating naked in a dark void.” As you let go of clinging to your beliefs and be ok with acknowledging that you don’t know what you don’t know, you open your consciousness in such a way that change becomes possible. It is a type of “beginner’s mind” in which all realities exist as potentials and whatever you resonate to is what you begin to experience. While this is actually the nature of the universe, it is heightened now because you are moving from one state of consciousness to another. This is why we have been stressing the importance of your inner work. If you are focused on fear, division, and stories of evil in the external reality, you will not be able to unlock your consciousness in order to experience change. You will simply create more ways to validate your view of reality and stay locked in that prison.
Therefore, you are all standing on a precipice with invisible wings. Will you jump into the void, free of your stories and beliefs, in order to experience profound change? Or will you cling to your view of reality—shaped by your stories and beliefs—and stay locked in a cage of your own design? This is one of those true tests for all species who have approached an evolutionary opportunity for change. The choice is up to you, but we suggest that you do not allow fear to be your guide on this journey.
Andromedan energy is so valuable in times such as these, for it is based on flow, change, and flexibility. You can say that it is like an opposite of the energy of Earth at this time. Because the universe is dualistic in nature, any pole that you experience will be balanced by its opposite. The Andromedan energy is playing that role now. As humans become more fearful, rigid, and fooled by their self-created illusions, the Andromedan energy rises in order to counteract that rigidity. If you seek out this energy, it can guide you as you jump over the precipice with your invisible wings.
Let us be clear: All beings must, at some point, jump off that precipice. If you don’t, you will be metaphorically pushed by circumstances. Humanity is getting very close to being pushed by circumstances. Pandemics, political upheaval, raging wildfires, typhoons, and earthquakes are all manifestations of humanity’s resistance to change. At some point, your resistance will exhaust you and you will let go because you have no more strength left. Why not begin to embrace change now, before you are forced to do so? (Of course, this is true on the individual level as well as the society).
In this perilous and chaotic time, reach out to the Andromedan energy. Let it guide you and help you embrace the change that you fear so much. Ask it to show you where you are stuck in old patterns and beliefs. By seeking to embrace change amidst your fear of it, you bring those poles together inside of you to create a much-needed alchemical shift that reverberates outward into the mass consciousness. This is how lighting one candle within you can spread the light to many other candles. The flame of that candle first begins with you.
Germane -- through Lyssa Royal Holt
For more information from Germane on YouTube about the card meanings, go to Lyssa's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuLbnOjJBUfqqm2KEqkpLA

πŸπŸŒ• Friday Ascension Update - Full Moon and Samhain. πŸŒ•πŸ πŸ”± Vibe High - No Distractions πŸ”± ~ Tim Whild ~ 30 October 2020

 To view this update from Tim Whild, please continue here. In view of the thinning veils over this current phase, Tim cautions us to be very aware of where we place our focus.

Personal Growth ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 October 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

Personal growth has nothing to do with bossing yourself around. 
If there is a desire to change, an impulse to challenge a personal edge, or a deep curiosity to venture in a direction not conventionally explored, it can be accomplished from the deepest love for yourself and all the life-changing experiences you are worthy of receiving. 
Personal growth has nothing to do with whipping yourself into shape, micro-managing your behavior, or being a bully to the one in you who has already endured and survived the unthinkable. 
Personal growth is not about being an accomplice to the suffering, neglect, and abuses you’ve endured through inner criticism or self-judgment. 
It is where sacred space is created, so you may dive into the center of your experience to rediscover a timeless eternal reality that wears your body as its most breath-taking work of art. 
Personal growth is only a means of improvement when seeing how miraculously you are able to grow when improving the way you care, treat, and speak to yourself. From this space, personal growth is a choice that only love can embrace.

Toxic Positivity ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 October 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

Toxic positivity is a way in which spiritually-educated fear attempts to stay on the brighter side of reality, as a means of avoiding the inevitable downfall that ensures outdated aspects of self are decisively unraveled. 
When not interpreting any degree of crash and burn as a crushing failure, you are able to witness an inner sacred fire burning away all that no longer serves you, no matter how much of it defines your sense of worth or the unexpected way circumstances melt it from your grip. As you part ways with all that is meant to go, greater space is created for new realities to emerge. Not as a result of staying hyped up, fixating on specific outcomes, or ungrounding yourself with in-authentic forms of enthusiasm, but by being as open to loss as you are to gain with the most loving words of support and inspired actions of compassion carrying you along. 
This is why love is a higher and more natural form of positivity when rooted in the realism of facing inevitable change. It doesn’t always have to be fair. It won’t always be fun. All the while, no outcome arises as a result of forced positivity, just as nothing ever goes due to positivity’s absence. 
If there is a kernel of truth in trying to be positive, it is simply allowing yourself to have an open mind to see how any perceivable downfall or setback sets the stage for an even greater triumph of personal redemption. With an open mind, you’ll find happiness in each breath, instead of seeking it out in others or trying to rush towards the future. And yet, you don’t need inauthentic forms of positivity to have an open mind or to discover how happy you already are. You just need time and space to be wholeheartedly honest about how you feel and the things you fear as the boldest form of love you deserve and desire. 
While toxic positivity incessantly looks for things to manage and correct, the power of embodied love meets you as you are. It empathizes with your feelings instead of invalidating your experiences; allowing you the freedom to feel as deeply as possible and for as long as any process requires without selling you superstitious fears of what greater misfortune you will attract by spending time with the pain being healed.

Take Your Joy NOW ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 October 2020

Sometimes JOY is simply a matter of feeling gratitude for something that is right in front of You

Source: Nicky Hamid

Pre Entry 101: Part II : Present , Grounded, and in Joy. 
Feel the Joy.
Your shift is descending from ego, from mental body, from separation, into the HeartMind.
IT is Soul You coming fully into your body.
It is Shifting to contentment, to smile, to shine.
It is descending into joy.
When you feel your joy your heart expands. So feel the joy. 
You do not wait for the Shift before you feel joy.
You feel joy and thus you Shift.
Take your joy NOW.
It came with you, reclaim it. 
Shine On
I So Love You

Don't Judge Your Emotions ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 October 2020

Don't judge your emotions because you think they are unspiritual
Source: Lee Harris

f you feel sad, feel sad. ⁣
If you feel angry, feel angry. ⁣
Don’t judge your emotions because you think they are unspiritual. ⁣
To be spiritual is to be alive. To feel is to be alive, for most human beings. ⁣
And when you allow those feelings through, they move very quickly. ⁣
And when you judge or suppress, or if they have become stuck, and you’re not sure you know how to move them, keep asking. ⁣
Simply put the prayer out:⁣
“I want to be ready to release this weight I am carrying as soon as possible. I want that release to be supported with grace and love and for me to know what I need in those moments.”⁣
-From Heart Energy Rising MP3 ⁣

SR Reading & Solar Activity

Space Observing System



Faith Vs Certainty ❤ ~ Amanda Lorence, Jason Estes & Ritika Arya ~ 29 October 2020

Here's the link to the video. Posting first.

Jason Estes Update ~ 29 October 2020

Source: Jason Estes

Tomorrow is the first step into EM(heaven) 
with the new sector set up and stable the next few weeks will be a bit surreal for many 
they will feel like they are floating in a stream watching the world around them 
this feeling is totally normal when a new sector opens as they fly towards it the world they knew seems less valuable and sometimes it even causes people to feel and look like cardboard cutouts or a flat version of themselves 
while this can be awkward it is also perfectly normal so enjoy these next few weeks and let go of the attachments so you can flow into the stream with grace and ease
i did the Nov update already if you missed it check it out for the practices as those will be very very helpful for navigating these next few weeks with grace and ease ❤ ::hugs::

29 October 2020

Lessons in Peacemaking ~ Sandra Walter & John Burgos ~ 28 October 2020

John Burgos suggested sitting back and enjoying this conversation that he had with Sandra Walter, and that's exactly what I did. Excellent high-vibe stuff.

Sandra brings up so many relevant points in this session, which also includes the current focus (apart from the political stage) ~ 2020 December Solstice.

You can access the video/audio here.

PS. A great vegetarian/vegan source for B12 is Marmite.

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 29 October 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence

All of creation is observing us come into our individual remembering.
As one by one, some become unified within (have already jumped or will jump before Solstice) to the new experience of remembered Essence, that permeates all things; the underlying unified Field of One that always was. Yet was unseen by each human within the Polarity Field. Source within and without. One almighty light and vibrational structure. Here a new journey has begun or will begin before Solstice. These people have already experienced their ‘UNDOING’ in Oct-Dec 2019. Prior to their Solstice 2019. They underwent the intense trauma period, many experience NOW, pretty much on their own. As the vast majority were in another ‘space’ at the time.
For many, the ‘undoing’ we have known via vision would occur EN MASS, is this Oct-Dec 2020, whether awakened or unawakened within many peoples. Some will exit choosing to watch from another perspective and cheer us on, in wonder of you, and you and you.
The vast majority have chosen to experience their ‘undoing’ in this NOW timeline of 2020...within them, yet reflected to them (as their own chosen catalysts) within their own reality. To open them up. It will appear to get FAR MORE intense for these divine facets now. The choice is simple, be Love. Or choose not to be Love. One is internal surrender the other is resistance so requires further ‘undoing’. (See diagram below of 2014 vision).
There is so much MORE to come after each get through. More to our collective storyline. A new book. Not another chapter from our previous book. Yet it’s a choice to expand into our true divine nature or let fear contract us. There is no right or wrong choice. Just soul choice played out in human personality forgetfulness for a while. Trust your soul. The SOUL is Pure Divine Essence, felt in human as Unconditional Love
All events YOU give attention to on YOUR outside, that each choose to put their energy to, reflects their state on the inside. Your ever changing inner state reflects back on your outside, to you.
As an analogy of Oct-Dec 2020:
 Source is manifesting a magnificent higher dimensional FEAST, where the ingredients are humanity and kingdoms. Each ingredient counts, adds to the flavour. Some are raw, some are delicate, some are blissful. Some are loud, some are subtle. Some are fire, some are water, some are earth, some are air. They all matter. Yet the FEAST can not be made by one aspect or kingdom alone. 
And how is it created? Over the illusion of time. Sequential energies. Where now we will witness a BOILING point, and it comes to the boil, perceived by many humans until the Solstice. Whilst some have already been through this MASS stage and watch, in peace, from the outside. The intensity of the ‘boiling point’ is needed, en mass, it helps break down certain elements within each aspect. So creating a NEW and different flavour that enhances the FEAST to come, that was not available before each’s very own unique boiling point. 
Each’s story gets them their. Catalysts are supplied within each’s OWN illusion are divinely supplied soul to soul, to help you see YOU, look within, choose to see honestly, and so expand into what you always truly were. All IS Love no matter how it is perceived at varying degrees of rememberance.
Many will stir their own pot, which creates their own turbulence, not being able to step back and observe it. Many will tell others how to stir their own pot, and some will intervene TO stir each other’s pot when it is not theirs to stir or intervene and so get bitten internally for being interference or over-baring (a lesson to only mind ourselves where no one is our business...we are our own business and that’s more than enough). 
It’s all perfect. And already pre-designed. The recipe worked. Because every ingredient has already been measured and assigned by Source to create this collective play that leads to the FEAST already prepared. Yet every taste of the Feast, shall be exquisitely different, because all ARE a unique facet of Source Light. Everyone is grateful to everyone. All is seen for the magnificence it truly was that brings forth collective and universal expansion beyond what a human in forgetfulness can not even dream. Such is LOVE and it’s powerful ability to create...
Some just watch Oct-Dec 2020 in expansion from the outside, as HEARTLIGHT, as the grand scenes melt together, mature, to eventually create the Feast for all Kingdoms, where each ingredient is known to have contributed as a divine spark of One. 
It’s not about buckling up, but about letting go. One moment at a time. And that letting go only evolves if the letting go comes from LOVE. To let go from pain or any other emotion, or via an egoic act of the mind, only brings more perceived suffering, (another more intense cycle) via new events the Hugher Self gifts each to see through. Until inner reflection leads all back to Love... for all, including itself.
Their will be many opinions, many perspectives, many many many throughout the world. But each and every human, no matter their space, awakening stage, unawakened state, country or age, have one thing in common that takes each home to greater peace, harmony and balance, that IS the foundation of the NEW higher dimensional perspective and paradigm. And that common thread all have capability of, is LOVE within. LOVE is the only Essence that takes each home. One way or another...and each way IS intentionally, by Source Design, so perfectly unique to them. I so celebrate YOU as One.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
29 October 2020
(Below image is only part of an animated vision in 2014. There is so much more of the beauty to come, for all) x
(** Image posted above)

Ancient Programs ~ Gigi Young ~ 28 October 2020

Yes, ABSOLUTELY. This is the final karmic phase that's being played out with so many right now. If we come from this perspective, it's easier (and better for our sanity) to step back and see why things are the way they are and how we associate ourselves with what's transpiring.

Source: Gigi Young

Ancient programs from past eras are being activated within us at this time through this civil unrest. Tribes are forming around unsolved issues from past eras of the culture of Mu and Atlantis. To move beyond them we have to think independently and avoid falling into survival mode, as survival mode is the defensive consciousness we formed within ourselves to survive the falling of these civilizations and what they represented to us.
We must become aware of this and actively release and reprogram ourselves into a higher state that is beyond the shock of catastrophe and immense chaos. We must avoid leaning into our wounds and triggers and be sure to fight the real battle first, the battle we have with ourselves, with our own unresolved pain. As we do this, the ancestral pain from these past eras will dissolve, not only in us as individuals, but as a collective. That is the purpose of all of this chaos, to resolve and dissolve ancient trauma that is expressing itself today. To re-experience it in a slightly different form and do better.

Earth Speaks to Us About Her Upcoming Ascension ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 28 October 2020

Posting this first as it would be some time before I can get to it properly. I've listened to the last 20 minutes or so 😁  and it sounded really good. And balanced.

The message stresses the utmost pertinence of how our frequency/vibration determines our individual evolutionaryTimelines. Earth asks that we fill our cup with Light.

Here's the link to the video.


Laura shares another MIND BLOWING session with the incredible Julie Zanforlin.

In this actual online multi-dimensional soul journey session, Julie channels Earth herself. And Earth gives her message on what is happening right now in the lead up to her (and our) Ascension! 

Julie Zanforlin is a Transformational Energy Healer, Channeler and Empowerment Coach. Julie works online and you can book a session with her at www.juliezanforlin.com or you can reach her at juliezanforlin@gmail.com. 

Please note:- This IS NOT a QHHT Session. QHHT Sessions are conducted in person and face to face only. The technique used in this online session is Laura's own hypnotherapy technique. If you would like to book an Online Multi-dimensional Soul Journey/Past Life Regression with Laura Whitworth please visit www.laurawhitworthqhht.com If you would like to book a face to face QHHT Session with Laura based in her office in Chesterfield please visit www.laurawhitworthqhht.com

SR Reading

Space Observing System
This must be why I felt the wobbliness, anxiety and needing to be reassured, as mentioned yesterday. It's much better today, but there's still a degree of "instability". Lots of stuff going on with the current energy streams, and very physical. Lots of things being worked on.

November Energy Update ~ Jason Estes ~ 28 October 2020

** Update: I noticed that Jason has provided links to trailers of his TV/Movie recommendations. I will copy them at the bottom of this report.

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to November 😊 

With the curtain now gone all that is left is the cleaning up of the hell tendencies and the ability to take full responsibility this process is a powerful one and will last the rest of 2020 
while the hardships are coming to a close it is important to take November as a time of reflection really understanding why 2020 had to be the way it was and what your greatest lessons were and why
as you can see November is more focused on windows which are greater reflection and integration times ❤ ::hugs::
Practice Recommendations:
Set some form of daily work out routine doesn't have to be large but commit to it prior to Nov and then make sure to honor it fully each day this will assist your body to have a strong ally and will also help to lessen the tension in the body, for those of you who have an injury you can do this in your mind as well.
Working with your ability to connect energy points in your body is also a very powerful thing for Nov, take a wet penny or copper coin and put it in the freezer or frig for 10-15mins then take it out and place it in palm on your hand for the duration of the cold work to move that cold feeling in your mind all over your body usually best to start with palm to palm then palm to feet this allows you to map most of your body prior to going into deeper intricacies.
Sound Sequences are very helpful while we are processing the final levels of Universal Energy Center unlocks. 
Deep dive: every week i deep dive an older video to assist with the energy of that week.
Activations: Every month we choose activations on activationstation to deepen or receive to assist with the months energies
Celestial Redemption
Secrets of Egypt
Fifth Force Nervous System Updates
Movie Recommendations: "Yesterday" and "The Nines"
T.v. Recommendation: "The 100s" specifically season 7 final episode but if you can watch the show it has lots of helpful moments and unlocks
Links to recommendations:
Yesterday (2019)
The Nines
The 100

Love is Neutral, Beyond Polarity ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 28 October 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence

As humans we define, assign meaning to everything including what we call ‘feelings’. Feelings are how humans define energy frequencies they initially feel as ENERGY, and then assign meaning to via their mind. Every mind assigns it’s own unique meanings.
Everything (and everyone) we define, via the mind, is to assign a meaning of POLARITY. 
But LOVE...Love IS Divine Essence embodied (known) to variable degrees of remembering what Love actually is and how much we choose to be it in each of our moments.
In built within the crystalline programme we agreed to experience human by, we each search for meaning. We assign definitions to people and things outside of our self. We assign meanings and definitions to our own self. Until we see that each and every definition is a polarity.
and so it goes on...
Love has no definition. It’s Essence. THE ESSENCE of all creation. 
Love is neutral. Non polarised. It has NO needs. It does not want or desire. It just IS. It resides outside of all polarisation. We can not be or state we are the presence of Love for our self, another, animal or thing, and at the very same time judge, define, categorise the focal point of our Love felt. We can not be Love and judge at the same time. Love is one presence felt, LOVE ITSelf. Love has no perception. It just IS LOVE. Felt, via inner FEELING. When we are feeling Love ITSelf, there IS only that ONE Presence felt within us in that moment. No polarity is present in that moment. 
When we enter the mind to define, we enter the polarised field. Until we cease defining, cease mentally analysing, cease labelling, cease adding meaning or definition to anything. Because every time we define, we are back in polarity even if we assign ‘positive’ meanings. There is always an opposite.
The linear brain searches for meaning. The human being in search of ITSelf searches for meaning. It searches inside and outside of itself. We can cancel one old meaning and ascribe a NEW meaning to anything, anyone or ourselves. Yet still any NEW definition will be more polarity.
Until we don’t ascribe ANY meaning or define any thing, anyone or ourself. Then we are outside of the polarity field. And what is left, is BEing Essence ITSelf. Presence. Love is present.
Beyond all definitions lies Love. Waiting to be let in. Waiting for hearts to open. Waiting for blocks to be lifted. Waiting for it’s inner call to be heard. It will wait an eternity to be met by ITSelf, as the mirror reflects ITSelf remembered. And then it’s gaze upon ITSelf is eternal.
When we BE Love, it feels timeLESS.
And IT’s Presence through us, is known and felt beyond time and ripples through all spaces.
Love is in the space IN BEtween.
Amanda Lorence
29 October 2020
(Artist:Amanda Lorence)

Final Battle Update Part 2 ~ Cobra ~ 28 October 2020

Posting this for the general update only, I no longer read the linked articles referenced in the report.

Source: The Portal

Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC).

The only Dracos remaining now are those physical and non-physical Dracos who are directly employed as servants to the Chimera, and the naturalized Dracos who mainly came to planet Earth more than 25,000 years ago, entered the incarnation cycle in humanoid bodies and are now incarnated as politicians, bankers, lawyers and other members of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

A very small number of naturalized Dracos also came to planet Earth in the 1996-1999 timeframe as they entered humanoid clone bodies in underground bases and then entered the surface Illuminati Cabal as lookalikes and doubles of many politicians, and they are still part of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

With the IBC gone, the only Cabal network still remaining is the surface Cabal network. Surface Cabal network will be properly addressed only after the Chimera threat is significantly diminished.

The main problem now remaining is the Chimera with their advanced exotic military technologies, especially quantum superposition toplet bombs. The Light Forces are continuing with the operations, now focusing on the removal of the Chimera fleet in Medium Earth orbit and Low Earth orbit, and clearing of the Chimera underground bases.

In underground bases, the Light Forces are using Mjolnir quantum cannons and sonic weapons to remove as many physical Chimera spiders as possible. Some of those spiders are huge, measuring up to 10 meters / yards in diameter. There are huge spider nests in Chimera underground bases, and all together they form a spider web , a negative leyline construct which is the antithesis of the Flower Of Life leyline grid on the surface. Although many of these spiders are being removed by the Light Forces, the Chimera replenish the nests with fresh spiders which are materialized from quantum superposition state with advanced manifestation chambers. As soon as the quantum reservoir of the Chimera spiders will be gone, the Light Forces will be able to clear Chimera underground bases completely.

Please read on....

28 October 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 28 October 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

"BIG SUNSPOT AR2778:There's a new spot on the sun--and it's a big one. Only two days old, AR2778 is already 8 times wider than Earth with a dozen dark cores sprawling 100,000 km across the solar surface. It is inset in this magnetic map of the sun from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory:
The +/- magnetic polarity of AR2778 identifies it as a member of new Solar Cycle 25. It is, so far, the largest sunspot of the young solar cycle by a wide margin."
This is a big deal people. At this crucial moment of change and rebirth...the Sun has chosen to erupt into life after a loooong period of "Solar Minimum" (no sun spots).
Furthermore...this sun spot is identified as part of the New Cycle called Cycle 25.
The New is birthing!
The Phoenix is flying!
It remains to be seen wether we will experience a Solar Flare in the lead up to the Halloween/Full Moon/Blue Moon on Saturday.
(Please note that while we have had solar magnetic events, we have not had an electrical Solar Flare of any magnitude for a very long time. This signals a shift in Solar patterns that signifies a new solar energy coming in with new Light Codes)

Wooohoooo...the ride is cranking up as we move towards 11/11!

IKoK Chat: Oct. 23, 2020: Controlled Conscious Evolution & Time Travel Journey Meditation ~ 27 October 2020

For those who feel called to listen, please access the respective links at the bottom of this post. I've heard about half, and found it very interesting although I initially balked at the 2-hour duration.

Source: IKoK (with yt & Soundcloud links)

This video is the recording of the October 23rd, 2020 Zoom Chat with the Krones of the IKoK; the International Koalition of Krones.
In this Chat the Krones of the IKoK start a series of Chats focused on "Controlled Conscious Evolution", specifically the Evolution of Humanity's Consciousness.
In the first Chat in this series we set the baseline for this series by taking a look at what "Conscious Evolution" is, what it looks like and how we start.
During this series of Chats we will be discussing topics such as, Conscious Communication, Conscious and responsible extension of physical life, use of Technology and AI, and much more.
At the end of this Chat we take a wonderful and powerful Guided Meditation Journey together.; A "Time Travel" Journey.
This is about taking Conscious Control of the Spiritual and Physical Evolution of Humanity.
You can now find the AUDIO ONLY VERSION on SoundCloud at this link....

The Path of Pure Love ~ Judith Kusel ~ 27 October 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

The Path of Pure Love, starts deep within you and your heart center.
It starts with the Deepest Love for yourself, just that way you are, shadow and light, which always balance each other out and brings forth a greater heart opening, for then you stand in your truth. You are not trying to deny or cut off or out or fix any part of you. You love yourself WHOLLY.
When the DIVINE LOVE amplifies this one moves into the highest octaves of Pure Love, which is unconditional. It embraces the deepest knowing of love, in all its forms and expressions, and therefore can only see, feel, act and live Unconditional Love. 
When these two are fully present, then love overflows into love for others, and the Beloved, for one can only truly love another, to the extend that you love yourself.
There is lies a Vital Key to Love and in Love. 
Judith Kusel

Love / Time & Place ~ Matt Kahn ~ 27 October 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

There is a time and place for everything. You are always in that place and always on time, whether seeming to be inspired by the power of your actions or unfolding with miraculous precision. You will typically not know ahead of time what role is meant to be played, what choices are destined to be made, or how it gets you from where you are to where you’re meant to be. It all unfolds as it will through the will of perfection. It does so with your participation, but in a way that cannot be rehearsed or anticipated in advance.


Love doesn't choose sides. It embraces itself in all -- whether as pain to be transformed or as radiance to be expanded. Love just loves. It's not something the ego can do, especially when the ego is here to be loved, no matter how loving or unloving it seems to be. At our own pace, we each make our way into this alignment with love. It is the only force through which life's atrocities may ever be resolved for the well-being of all.

Stand Tall Together ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 28 October 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

Being Loving is being honest and true to yourself.
And sometimes it means that you are not all “sweetness and nice” but firm, stern, and ‘up front’.
Never again to allow anyone to trample on your Truth.
Never to allow some mind ideal of “goodness” to persuade you to give your power away to anyone else.
Stand up for yourself and you will no longer fall for anything.
And sometimes you must stand your ground in the Loving recognition of who You are, and sometimes you keep your peace and be silent, and sometimes you sit and watch, and sometimes you stand up and walk away, and sometimes you stay away.
There are no rules in this, just a responsiveness to the moment and to your clear navigational prompting (your Heart Knowing).
When you are Love there is no judgement of the other in this. When Soul and God Love Presence comes together in Human then all you feel, first and last, is Soul Presence of another.
No more justifying yourself or how you feel, watering down your Truth to appease others, denying what you are to save others from themselves (their judgements of themselves through projection on to you).
Love and Honesty go together along with Kindness, and so to stop doubting yourself because you are sharing who you really are.
Stand tall dear Brothers and Sisters. Love is Truth, Love is power, Love is steadfast, Love stands tall.
You are not in this world to please others. You are here to Be You. To discover all you can be. To engage and make yourself available.
And if by chance it should encourage others and empower them then there is great joy.
The courage to be fully you.
Stand up great Warrior of Light.
I So Love You
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Let us Stand Tall Together.

Ascension is Happening Now and Everyon is On Time ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 27 October 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

I have absolutely no concern of any coming dates, in the same way that waves at the beach have their unique power but are indefinable one from another.
Everyone who chooses to ascend (put aside the pull of duality and live in "unconditional’ Love while still inhabiting a body of form) will do so.
And even so many who as yet are not conscious of it. 
It is not something that will happen from outside of you and is done “to you”. It is from within, that you have set out long ago to do it and it requires of you full conscious awareness, receptivity, and alignment. 
But this is not difficult. It is about taking and living your Lovingness as given in this post. Simple honest open and loving practice. And it does not matter whether you have been ‘conscious” for years or you start today. 
We are all coming together, we are all on time and we are all playing our part. There is no need to seek it. There is an overriding, unpinning, abiding LOVE WAVE within everything. Love has already found you. All you need to do is to quietly call it and claim it any moment of your day. It is within you now to feel and to choose. 
And as you do so you take the expanding Blessings of your Becoming, and every single person, every being, will be touched by your Presence. They will not be able to resist because they too, awake or in a sleep state, will be feeling their own call from you. 
Just watch the changes as you “walk “ on your Blessed journey into expanded Being. Watch what happens with every Wave from our Sun. 
For everyone who does not see it yet, if look with the eyes of love, there will be an undeniable opening, subtle shifts in their clarity of Being. Maybe also much mental confusion, and emotional turmoil, but also a markedly increased receptivity to the guidance of your Light and the recognition of others feeling their own lightness emerging. 
Ascension is happening now and everyone is on time. 
Just relax, you have already claimed it. Just allow for the “magic and the miracles” to make their way into form and experience through the myriad layers of Creation and into the opening hearts of all humanity. 
Just Love everything about who You ARE and what you have experienced and are experiencing.
Ascension is not for a chosen few , it is for everyone. WE the People have COMMANDED it. 
And So It Is. 
Shine On
I So Love You
PS: ASCENSION IS Soul Being called into embodiment. Soul and HUman coming together in Divine Relationship.reflecting the Love of GOD. It is a Dance, a Song in total Harmony.

Excerpt: Transcending Time through #DNA Activation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 October 2020

Such an interesting discourse from Sandra Walter about DNA (and Epigenetics) and its relation with linear Time, Dimensions and memory. "So it is" = Reality. Lots more, including embodying Christ Consciousness, packed into these 18 minutes.

"All of the Power is in the NOW"

Source: Sandra Walter (with video link)

Another excerpt from the Crystalline DNA Mastery class :: How DNA activation overwrites your experience of linear time, density and emotional imprints ❤ 
This content-rich class is available at https://www.ascensionpath.com