10 October 2020

10:10 ~ Celia Fenn~ 10 October 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Today is a consciousness portal called the 10/10 as it falls on the 10th of October.

It is time when our timeline can be "tweaked" according to the prevailing energies. I certainly felt that last night. I could not sleep, and at about 2AM I felt a sharp pain in my right brain and then energy moving in my head. It was very weird, and I thought maybe I was dying, but nope, still here lol! I think what was happening was a major realignment on my personal timeline and maybe the collective timeline.

Did anyone else feel that?

Also of interest, relating to the image, in the Number Wisdom the number 10 is always related to change and movement. In the Tarot it is called "The Wheel of Fortune" and indicates movement related to past events, like the clearing of ancestral karma.

But also, 10 is made up of 1 and 0: the 1 represented the power to act and manifest, the power of the Magus. The 0 represents the energy of the "Fool" of the "Trickster", a very powerful energy that appears to be a fool but is actually very sharp and very sly and able to manipulate to achieve what it wants. It can represent the Shaman who manipulates the elements in his/her work.

So there you have some of the powerful energies that are at work under the sign of LIBRA which is Balance and Harmony.

It is a good time to be alert and discerning, and to create or balance relationships in the Divine Light of God.

Have a fun day with the turn of the Wheel!

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