12 October 2020

6. Blessings For A Healthy Body That Can Ascend ~ Asur'Ana ~ 8 October 2020 / 2019

So many points that Asur'Ana raises here that I found enlightening, among them being the effects of fertilisers and herbicides in terms of energy and the leaving of Plant Chi, and what a lack of appetite may indicate. Please note that Asur'Ana talks about a basically plant-based diet here ~ I'm adding this caution because I am well aware that this is a loaded topic with some.

Source: Aligning With Earth


From the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants Kingdom

It is the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants that desire to communicate with you today. We are writing primarily to speak to the difficulties of meeting the dietary requirements to support ascension. Foods today are often highly processed. In the preparation of foods weeks, months or even years before they are eaten in the canning, drying and freezing processes that prevail in your current food industries, humans are receiving less and less nutrition through every meal consumed. The end result is a lot of “empty” calories that lead to over eating which then leads to weight problems in your current civilization.


Processed Foods and Empty Calories

There are empty calories in most human meals today because they are depleted of enzymes and nutrients necessary to sustain life. The lack of nutrients in the meals consumed cause the body’s hunger mechanisms to be triggered in shorter time periods than if the meal was filled with the substances that the body requires to sustain its own biochemistry. The end result is eating far more than is really necessary to sustain the body’s activity level which leads to weight gain amongst many humans.

Many restaurants rely upon pre-frozen, pre-cooked, irradiated and canned foods. Pre-frozen, pre-cooked, irradiated vegetables and canned foods are also readily available in the grocery stores of most countries. Little may be prepared fresh outside of salads in any given meal, and even the fruit and vegetables therein may have fewer enzymes due to irradiation. The end result is food source that is low on the necessary enzymes to break itself down in the digestive process and low on nutrients to sustain life.

Vitamins in particular become easily oxidized if food has been frozen, dried or canned. Asur’Ana has discovered that frozen berries have half the vitamin C of fresh berries. Although frozen foods do not decay liked canned foods do, the freezing process destroys enzymes and vitamins. Canned foods tend to hold vitamins better than freezing but decays over time and lose their life force and molecular structure. Decayed foods have less life force available as a result. Life force equates not to calories but chi absorbed through the energy systems of the field. The less life force available in the food, the slower the field rotates leading to tiredness and once again triggering the requirement to eat perhaps more than required otherwise.


GMO Foods, Pesticides and Herbicides

There is the issue of genetically modified foods, which often have lower nutritional value even if it is fresh. The reason being that the chemists designs the DNA of GMO foods to grow larger than normal for a greater yield; this leads to half the nutritional value. There is only so much nutrition or minerals that can be pressed through the roots and stems of a plant, and if the vegetables or fruits grow equally as fast to twice the size in the same time period, then there is half the vitamin and mineral content available through the yield. The larger GMO strawberries from California had only half the vitamin C of the non-GMO strawberries in Europe. This requires one to eat twice the food to receive the same nutritional value; again, leading to weight gain or under-nutrition. Under-nutrition can lead to other problems over time such as disease and birth deformity. 

Many countries are refusing to allow GMO foods upon their store shelves. In the US, there is a problem with GMO foods that are unlabeled in the grocery stores. Laws are being changed now to require labeling so that one knows what one is purchasing. In the meantime, buying organic may be the only assured means of purchasing non-empty vegetables and fruits with less nutritional value due to genetic modifications in the US.

The other problem with many of the fresh vegetables in many countries is all of the pesticides and herbicides sprayed upon them. This leaves a toxic residue that has to be removed from one’s bloodstream following ingestion of the food. Asur’Ana has taken to going to the farmers markets (or sunshine markets) as much as possible in an attempt to avoid commercially produced fruits and vegetables loaded with such toxins. Fortunately, more and more humans are demanding organic produce in the US, and this is becoming more frequently available upon the grocery store shelf. As more humans demand organic foods, so they will be produced more en masse, and ascending initiates can help push this thoughtform into the mainstream by buying organic in the now, even if it costs a little more.

Pesticides and herbicides do not take into account the cycle of life that the insects support. The insect kingdom allows for many attributes of plant life that would not occur otherwise. Bees pollinate the flowers so that the fruit, nuts or vegetables can grow. Ants aerate the soil. Worms transmute decay so that the components of nutrition necessary to the plant as well as the animal or human that ingests the plants requires. Upset this process and now you have to create alternative means to cause the plants to grow. This is where fertilizers enter the dance.

Fertilizers artificially stimulate the plant to grow without life force from the kingdom associated. Herbicides prevent the death of the plant that would normally occur due to a retraction of soul. The end result is a food with less chi, life force or nutrition that would be produced if the kingdom is involved in the dance; also, the food is filled with substances that are not healthy for humans.

The souls of most kingdoms have retracted from human farms in many time periods due to the lack of love of the farmers and the land. This is another time period in which the souls of nature have retracted from your farms. This retraction began over 100 years ago, which has triggered the same response that occurred in two other time periods of human history, one in Atlantis and one in the era of the Anu. As soul retracted from the plants, fertilizers were concocted to force the food to grow without agreement with the plant kingdoms. Herbicides were concocted to treat the diseases that would destroy any plant as the life force of soul retracts. And pesticides were concocted to prevent the insects from destroying the plants at the request of the plant kingdom that was retracting its life out of the game.

The end result was the same problem as in present time; empty foods filled with toxins and lacking in nutrition that do not fill the body with life force, as there is no soul present to exchange chi in the sharing of the fields. Many ascending initiates have recognized this pattern and have intended to push soul back into the farms of all organic farmlands in their dreamtime gatherings. This is indeed beginning to be so and each will find soul in some of the organic produce upon the market shelves. One can muscle test which produce holds soul. Asur’Ana loves to pick organic fruits and vegetables that have soul within as then there is a delightful exchange of energies in the preparation and enjoyment of the meal; meals also taste wonderful when soul participates in the dance.


Weight Gain, Obesity and Empty Foods

 For those who have grown up on “junk foods” or pre-packaged foods with little vitamins, enzymes or mineral content, and are addicted to eating this way in the now, the problem is that one consumes empty foods. One eats but the body fails to receive the nutrition it requires to sustain the biochemistry; the result is that one gets hungry more rapidly following such a meal than if one had eaten a meal filled with the necessary vitamins, enzymes and minerals required to sustain life. One then eats more frequently leading to weight gain.

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