17 October 2020

Ancient Does Not Mean Accurate ~ Gigi Young ~ 16 October 2020

Yes! Not everything "ancient" is applicable today (or even authentic, for that matter). Similarly, just because we see so much of it around us does not mean it's the "truth" of Creation or that it still applies ~ for example, Bi-wave architecture (sorry, had to insert that there 😁 )

Source: Gigi Young (includes video)

In esoterica there is a belief that what is the most ancient is automatically the most accurate. This is not true. To understand spirituality we must learn to discern the timeless truths from the more temporal traditions that must evolve to match our current time and consciousness. 
For example, certain rituals were created for a specific era in human development. Once we evolve past that era, past that time, our consciousness changes and thus we must evolve the rituals to work with our new level of awareness.
Keep in mind that it is not only our consciousness that evolves, the cosmos itself is also evolving. The stars and planets are no longer in the same stage of evolution and are emitting different cosmic rays entirely. Our Spirit is an extension of the cosmos/cosmic rays and to be accurate in our spiritual practices we must be able to align with them in their present energies. This means that to understand esoterica accurately, we must learn to be in the present moment, the present time, and thus the present position of the cosmos.
What we would call black magick is using rituals and belief systems that are based in the wrong time and thus the wrong cosmology. There is an inability to be in the present moment fully with the Self; this is often due to accumulated trauma that distorts their perception of reality. This is why black magick is an inversion, it is upside down because it is not aligned. It is quite literally the cosmology of a previous era forced on top of our current era.
The immovable constant truths that are ancient can be sensed and understood only when an individual is on the path of genuine spiritual growth. When they are aligning with the current time through healing. This is because we perceive the world around us as we are, we perceive it based on our personal resonance and beliefs. When we become dedicated to our spiritual growth we align with the current time and cosmology and universal truths can then be discerned from the more temporal traditions of a particular era.

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