17 October 2020

πŸ”± Ascension Update - The Clearing of the Lower Astral πŸ”± ~ Tim Whild ~ 17 October 2020

In this update, Tim Whild reports that the Lower Astral plane has been cleared and closed off,  effectively cutting off the dark control sources from their lower echelons on the Planet's surface. 

(The Astral isn't the only realm that houses these control sources, but every plane that's cleared is a massive development.)

Source: Tim Whild (with video)

Ascension Update (another one!) - The Clearing of the Lower Astral
Invocation to the Golden-Rainbow Flame.
I AM The Golden-Rainbow Fire
I AM the peace the world requires
I AM the Power of Unity
I AM the Essence of Higher Love
I AM the Key to Pristine Sight
I AM Archangel, The Masters and All That Is
I AM The Golden Rainbow Fire
(Repeat 3 times)
It is so!

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